Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pizza at the Park

Recently we found a new park. It is in an area we frequently go by -and have even been to in the past- but the boys are at the perfect age to enjoy it now. We went last weekend and then called Cathy to see if she wanted to meet us for pizza later in the week. Today was finally our evening to meet at the park.

At first none of the kids wanted to sit long enough to eat. They all had the temptation of the playground on both sides of them, and we were in direct eye sight of the water feature area as well. Needless to say, only a few bites were chomped down before they declared they were all done and wanted to go play now.

Surprisingly, Wyatt wanted to get in the water after only about ten minutes of being at the playground. Soon he was joined by Jax, and then Luke followed as well. Robert came over and thought about joining his sister and the boys, but kept out of the water for now.

After an hour and half, it started getting dark and we all decided it was too difficult to do head counts with losing light, and called it a night. It was so fun to finally get together with our friends again. It is so interesting to see the leaps and bounds all the boys are making with their communicating and playground skills. We see them everyday, but to go a couple weeks without seeing our friends, it is more obvious how much the others have learned since last time. Our little guys are really growing up!

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