Tuesday, July 27, 2010

California Take 2

Another camping weekend has come and gone. This one was a bit different. First, we were at a primitive campground -no electric or water. Second, Nana and Pops were doing some traveling for Pops work, and they were able to meet up with us for the day.

The first night, we got to the campground just as the sun was setting. We would have made it about a half hour earlier, but we had our first ever case of car sickness. Luckily the boys were still wearing their junk clothes from clay class, and I had no issues with tossing the barfed on clothes. Don thought it was nuts, but vomit is just something that sends my gag reflex into overdrive. Thank goodness Don is stronger and didn't mind the clean up so much.

The next day, we spent most of the day playing on the beach. It was the first time we noticed all beaches are not created equal, and the boys had to be watched much more carefully around these waves. The sand was eroding, and the entry was pretty steep -meaning it could be all sand, and when a wave comes in it would suddenly be at least 3 feet deep.

Luckily Pops came to the rescue and decided it would be a great opportunity to show to boys about burying themselves in the sand. He buried only their legs first, and the boys would get braver until Luke decided he would be buried up to his neck.

Jaxon and Wyatt followed closely behind, and it opened us up for tons of silly photo ops. The boys loved being buried and would just stay cool inside the sand -at one point I remember we got one of the boys a hat and pillow for their head to rest back.

I wish I would have taken a video of when my dad buried Wyatt not to far from the water line. Wyatt stayed in the sand for about ten minutes, even when the water would come up and around -and even past him. The ocean water was freezing, and Wyatt just stayed buried in the sand all the way up to his neck, and didn't even care that he was getting wet, or fear that the water would go on top of his head.

Soon it was time to get back to the camper and out of the sun. We took a little siesta.

Nana and Pops wandered the beach finding "dinosaur eggs" while Don cooked hamburgers.

The next day we packed up the camper and drove to a hotel closer to Lego Land. It wasn't in our original plans, but we figured it would make sense to use our passes since we were only 2 hours away versus the normal 6. The boys all wanted their own map of Lego Land and would pull their maps out at various points of the day.

One of the first things of the day was to get the boys faces painted. It was a huge splurge, but we felt they really deserved it and would hopefully have good memories of it. Being a superhero is such a big part of their playing at home, and it seemed like the perfect day to have it done.

This play area is one of the boys favorite places in the whole park. It is giant playground. Some areas it is about 3 or 4 stories high and it is about 95% wood. No lines here, we just sit and occasionally see one of the boys run by as they come out of the slide -smiling and ready to find his brothers again. If you look to the right of Jaxon, you can see the other two running back to the playground with another newly made friend.

Being that we have been to Lego Land just last month or so, and knowing the next day was more of the same, made this day so relaxing. Slowly we walked the park, checking out more of the play areas and finding more walk though areas and less rides. Here they were in a game room, and happen to come across a giant Bat Man made entirely out of Legos!

All three also had their first try at climbing a rock wall. Jax was the only one that made it all three stories, but I was completely impressed that all of them at least tried! Wyatt did not turn a single ride down all day -he even went on the roller coasters!

I think we are definitely fans of Lego Land.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun

Obviously we have been swimming A LOT. Seems like that is what most days are full of. Now that swimming lessons are over (do you see the picture where the swim instructor is all "What the hell have I gotten myself into?") and Luke got his stitch, swimming has been missed so much, especially since the boys have been stuck inside with the temps being over 100 degrees.

Just over a month ago, the boys needed their floaties. After their first swim lesson FLOATIES were GONE! No more floaties for us, although it makes swim time less enjoyable for me. I feel like all I do is count their heads to be sure no one is under.

They swim like little fishes now. They try new things all the time. Jax's new thing is doing somersaults under the water. Lucas likes to swim even without his goggles, and loves to jump in with Don. Wyatt seems to be the strongest swimmer out of the three, his form seems best, but he lacks the confidence and walks the wall inside the pool area.

A couple weeks ago, we bought a summer pool at Walmart and set it up in the backyard. Some little people touched the timer so we have since had to empty the pool, but the idea is awesome and was fun until the green water ruined it.

This summer the boys have begun to hang out with some new friends. We have seen lots of the Haley, Sami and Lexi at the parks, birthday parties and even at Lake Mead to mention just a few. The girls are about a year and a half younger than the boys, but they all play so well together.

So much summer fun.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I took the boys to one of the free movies around town and play at the playground next to it. Wyatt was so happy to go to the "playground with a maze in it" that he actually jumped up and down and declared it the "best day ever!".

For over an hour, I watched the boys run around the play area and through the water center. Climb up the stairs and fly off the slide with their wet tushes- all while being jealous that they were nice and cool while I was sitting on a towel on the barely shaded bench so my rear end would not end up with burn marks the shape of the wood slats.

Jaxon disappeared for a bit, up in a tree house. I knew he was up there, but called out to him to make sure all was well. He responded, "I am here, Mom! I am making NEW FRIENDS!" He is always making new friends, even the bigger kids don't intimidate Jaxon.

After needing to leave the playground to eat our apples, I was ready to go. I could tell the boys were as well -with their little hot pink faces and tired eyes- but they asked to just be able to play on the stage before we go. So I said sure, and back to play we went.

At this point (only 6 minutes later) they are half holding on to wanting to play, and half falling over from being so hot and tired. Trying to usher them out by walking out without them, they follow me to the car, losing all energy as it is soaked up by the heat waves coming off the concrete sidewalks.

About 100 ft from the car, we are in what we call the "echo hallway". All their energy is suddenly regained while the kids belt out any song or phrase that pops into their minds. Today -being as tired as they were- the only thing they could think to say was the word ECHO!! over and over again, each time trying to say it louder than not only the last time, but their brothers too.

At home, I was sitting on the couch. Finally we are home, and the fan was spinning around over me. I had sweat covering my forehead and dripping down the side of my face. I could feel parts of my shirt sticking to me from the hot car on our drive home. 1:10, the clock says. For a few seconds I sat there while my mind actually had to figure out if that was the time or the temperature.

And it occurred to me, probably both.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Just Dance

One of our new favorite things to do is play "Just Dance" on the Wii. It can play four people at a time, and the boys just go nuts over it -which is a good thing. It keeps them busy, and all three can play at the same time.

The only downside is that they like to dance to the same song ("Hot and Cold" by Kate Perry) over and over. And over and over and over and over. They'll throw in an occasional "Who let the Dogs Out?". And then add about thirty more over and overs till "Eye of the Tiger", and then you get might just start to get the idea.

Watch them dance here...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Luke's First Stitch

After the parade, the plan was to go to my parents house for a swim. A text on the way to the parade changed our agenda a bit when we heard our friends were heading to Lake Mead for the afternoon. Boulder City is pretty close to Lake Mead, and the boys have never seen the Lake, so we thought it would be fun to stop by.

Being a last minute decision, we were not ready prepared for Lake conditions. Luckily my car is a mess and we were able to pull out some shorts and boxers for the boys to swim in, along with a single towel the three of them could share. Roxy was an issue (this puppy stuff is so hard, trying to figure out how to keep from locking her up all day while we are doing stuff -but that is another post) but her leash was on, so no big deal.

Lake Mead was beautiful. So beautiful that I honestly felt ashamed for never bringing the boys there before. In my mind it was really rocky, tons of river rock lining the beach so shoes would need to be worn. And if you were walking in the water and managed to get a spot that wasn't rocky, the muck would suck your foot in and you could lose your shoe.

I think the water loss at Lake Mead alleviated those problems. The beach was mostly sand, with an occasional sharp rock. It was not beach sand, but it was in no way mucky. It was pretty great, a huge and welcome surprise.

The boys saw their friends in the water and just couldn't wait to get in. Roxy got in full puppy mode and literally frolicked in the waves -jumping up and over them while the boys laughed at her. The moment was so perfect, I ran back to get my camera. I had to capture this moment. AND THEN...

As I came back from our blanket with the camera in hand, Don yelled that Luke was hurt. His little foot had been cut and it was bleeding pretty freely. Even with pressure applied, the bleeding was not slowing down. We noticed a park ranger walking up, and knowing they were going to let us know Roxy was an issue, we were just glad that maybe we could get some first aid help.

By time Luke's foot was cleaned off and bandaged, it was time for us to go. With a goodbye to our friends, we were off to Nana and Pops house.

Within five minutes of walking at Nan's house, Luke's foot started bleeding again. Off to the quick care Don, Luke and I went.

As we drove up to the office, Luke asked in this little voice if they were going to cut off his toe. Don assured him that would not be the case, and in we went. He was scared, but it was so obvious he was trying to be brave.

Lucas generally has a hard time at the Doctors office. He has always struggled with it until they got their first H1N1 shot and he realized afterwards that the shot didn't hurt that bad. When we went for the second shot, the STUPID nurse working there jammed the needle so hard in Jaxon's arm (and 4 yr old Jax was sitting so calm, he even offered to get his first) that it set all three back to being terrified of pain from Doctors. At Luke's 5 year check ups, I had to literally pull Luke out from under a chair in the office and pry the chair legs out of his hands. That traumatized ME.

Anyhow, Luke was trying to keep himself together while the Dr looked at it. He was not sobbing, but crying just enough so he would have to wipe tears from his eyes while he asked questions. He laid on the table to get strapped down all by himself (like he demanded!) while they did the stitch.

We had our camera, so Luke's mind was occupied by the images on the camera card while he got the first shot (he felt it, but we quickly distracted him). He looked through pictures, and even took a few of his own while laying there. Soon, his stitch was done (he took a picture of it,too) and then we treated Luke to an ice cream cone.

Luke is very focused. Not easily distracted ever. Today was another opportunity for us to be able to see what kind of person Lucas is becoming. From thinking his toe may have to be cut off, to hearing he needed a stitch in his toe -and not understanding either of those or what they entail. He never threw a fit, never freaked out -even though he was so obviously scared. He is FIVE and talked through his fear without losing his composure while his little tears crept out.

I am so proud of him.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Parade like No Other

Yesterday we had a busy day of firsts.

First thing in the morning, we headed out to a little town south of Las Vegas. It is actually a city, but lives like a small town. They had a parade for the Fourth of July (on the 3rd) and we thought the boys would enjoy their first 4th of July parade.

Most parades start at 10, so we assumed that would be the case here as well. Well, assuming and all caused us to be a half hour late to the parade that started at NINE. Luckily, we found a patch of curb that was not being used and planted ourselves there. About 30 minutes later, we were burning up. It was probably about 98 degrees by then, and that is when it hit me, of course the parades start earlier when it is over 100 degrees by noon!

The parade started slowing down, and we were thinking maybe it was over when a plume of water shot up from a truck far away down the street. Apparently the Boulder City parade was going to relieve the parade attendees from the nasty heat.

Float after float (out here it is more like truckload after truckload) was full of people of various organizations shooting water out of their trucks. Water guns, super soakers -even water balloons. This was an obvious tradition for Boulder City -people watching the parade started pulling out their own water gun arsenal. They were opening their coolers and loading up with freezing water. At first the boys weren't sure how to react regarding getting soaked by a complete stranger, but once they saw Don and I yelling (begging) to be hit too, the boys were all for the fun.

I have never seen a parade like that. I am not sure who enjoyed it more -the people working the floats perfecting their water gun aim on perfect strangers, or the thousands of people begging to be sprayed so the heat would be tolerable. All I know was that it was AWESOME!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Trip to Cali wrapped up

The last day or two were just as fun as the first, just more of it!

Look at that little face. That smile makes me forget all the trouble he causes.

Lots of playing at the beach!

We had to switch camping spots because we wanted to stay an extra night. This was our last dinner at the campground, and Michael was able to join us!

How cool it was to run into the Williams family at Lego Land! Here is Mr Drew and his mom Liz with four of the six kids willing to go on the ride.

The boys loved playing in the water area at LeogLand.

You can see the big boy loved it as much as the little ones.

Here is Wyatt watching his dad, brothers and Michael on the roller coaster. Wyatt just did not want to try some of the rides and hung out with me instead.

My little farmers going through the Lego vegetable patch.

More rides and fun.

Ah. LEGOS. That is what this place is all about, right?

I love this picture! A perfect picture of little people happiness.