Monday, June 30, 2008

Yee Haw, Lucas!

Way back when Luke was still in the NICU, we knew he would be the farm boy. It was just there plain as day, that he would be adorable in overalls and be a bit more into well, nature. So here he is, in his uh, natural state of glory, playing his guitar with his cowboy hat on. Not exactly what we had envisioned, but close enough.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling good

Today I went to my second Yoga class. We have been going to the gym more often since the weather has hit the 100's and the boys are feeling cooped up. Generally I do some time on the elliptical, then work on building muscles. Last week when I went, I ran into my friend Melissa and she was going to go to a yoga class that started shortly. It was beginners yoga, so I thought, why not?
At least I had someone to go with me!

It was a deceivingly calm hour. I was sore afterwards, and I did sweat while doing it, so I know it was a workout. This week I met Melissa again for Yoga and I loved it! Having an idea of what to do made all the difference. When class was over, my mind and body just felt good. Better than a massage, better than sleep. Seriously, I am amazed at how good I feel.

While waiting for class to start today, they had another class in the room. Zumba? There was lots of dancing and lots of smiling. Everyone was having a good time. Maybe it is something to look into for next time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Going to the movies

Today the boys had their first movie theater experience. Yesterday my sister in law linked me to Regal Theatres and I saw they had free Tuesday and Wednesday morning movies by the gym we go to. Since it is so hot outside, I decided we would give the movies a try. Being it was all free, it wouldn't be a complete loss if we would have to leave.

The boys did great. They devoured a huge popcorn, crackers, raisins and gummy snacks thrust upon them in the name of silence. We made it through the entire movie with no issues -unless you count Luke getting stuck in the seat when we first got there an issue.

I am thinking we have a new summer activity planned!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Sunday Morning

Today has already been a bit of a hectic day. The plan was that when Don woke up, he would run to Einstein's and grab some bagels and paninis for breakfast and be back in time for the boys to wake up and then we'd get ready for church.

Don was up at 6 and as he was telling me was leaving now, Jaxon -in his early morning glory- woke up and I asked Don to take Jax with him. They got back soon enough, but the other two didn't wake up until almost 8. Church starts at 8:30. We don't like waking them up. They are GRUMPY and whiny when we wake them up. Plus we knew we would be dropping them off at the nursery (and they usually cry) and it would've made it worse with them being whiny on top of them feeling abandoned.

So we rushed once they woke up. And WE got grumpy and snappish. Go figure. Dropping the kids off at the nursery went fine, Wyatt gave kisses and high- fives and we were on our way.

After church we ran to Walmart. The Walmart by our house is brand spanking new and is like a dream since it is never crowded. The boys ran around like banshees and after too much struggling with them to stay close, we decided today would not be a good day for Costco. Luke sat in the backseat on the way home and in a very high pitched, whining voice he would repeat, "I want to go to Costco. I want to go to Costco".

Finally, I distracted them with the idea of getting out the pool when we got home. The hose water was so cold, that Don added hot water from the sink to make it more enjoyable. The boys (Dad included) played in the pool for a while. Once the boys wanted to kick in the water, Don took that cue as his time to get out and the boys stayed in for quite a bit longer.

Why is it that I gave the boys the instructions NOT too pee in the pool, pee in the grass if needed, and they listen? But pee-pee goes in the potty is still foreign to them?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Run Daddy, Run!

Welcome to Don's nightmare.

It all starts out innocently enough, a game of chase through the house.

Before he knows it, they have him cornered

He tries to lay down and play dead, but Jaxon licks him to be sure he is non-responsive.

Dad can't hold off much longer. He tries to defend himself.

It is pointless. The little bloodsuckers are all over him.

Eventually their little appetite for making their Dad cry for help lessens and they set him free with the promise of Oreos. As Don sits and regains his breath, he tells me it was like being attacked by "The Night of the Living Dead".

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Discovery Class

Today was the boys first day at Wee Discovery. The theme of the class today was bugs. First the whole class sat on the rug and the teacher (Ms. Theresa) dumped out some plastic containers of animals, bugs and dinosaurs. Then she talked about bugs and how they had six legs, antennas and did not have ears. Then she instructed the students to pick out bugs from the pile she made earlier. Jaxon dove right in, examining all the different species, but didn't put any to the side. Wyatt just kinda grabbed whatever didn't have four legs, but took things like eels, trees and spiders. Lucas was a bit shy again, and just preferred to stay on my lap. Until I realized that if I was doing one on one, I wouldn't just allow my kid to sit there while everyone else participated. I think I was just happy they were under control that I was forgetting to get them involved. Then I whispered to Luke to go find some bugs, and off he went.

After the bug finding, we had a measuring project, with a worksheet. It was horrible, the kids didn't care and wouldn't focus (especially since there was a cute baby crawling under our little table) and luckily that project only lasted about 5 minutes until we moved on.

Next came the craft project. It entailed folding a black piece of paper in half and cutting out half a butterfly, then cutting out the insides of the wings, then gluing (which I have never done with the boys yet!) tissue paper down on the yellow paper, finally to be covered by the black outline of the butterfly that was cut out earlier. Then cut the whole butterfly off the yellow paper. Needless to say, I was a scissor cutting fool. I cut those dang butterflies out in record time while praying the boys didn't actually get the glue bottles open but didn't have the heart to take the bottles away because what else would keep them busy while I am cutting and being thankful they didn't want to help cut too.

I improvised a bit on the project and just poured glue all over the yellow paper, smeared it with my hands and laid down the black butterfly out lines. Then the boys could finally participate and put the tissue paper where they wanted it to go. While I could finally take a breath.

Next step was to cut out the butterfly off the yellow paper. Then take the boys back to the supply table to pick out googly eyes and which ever color pipe cleaner they wanted. I punched the hole for the antennae and once we were back to the table, they put the pipe cleaner in the hole for the antenna. Next I dotted glue for the eyes and had them lay the googly eyes on the glue spots. They did a pretty good job!

After our craft project, we all gathered around the rug again as Ms. Theresa passed around preserved bugs in boxes and bottles for the kids to observe. Lucas really like this part and would try to peer in and check the bugs out, Jaxon liked the jars with the magnifying lids and Wyatt was more interested in that same baby that was crawling around not too far from us.

Last, the bugs got put away and all the students got a sticker. We gathered our little butterfly project and we were done for the day!

Honestly, for the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I felt completely overwhelmed. Luckily the boys were really good (I think, or I was too busy cutting to notice) and were pretty quiet. I do feel like they didn't get as much out of the activity as the other kids did, but I know they still learned more than they would have, had we just stayed home. With the finished butterflies, is a copy of the worksheet we used and the butterfly outline, so if we wanted to do something of the sort here at home, not rushed, we could try that again as well.

Luckily, next week is not an art project. Ms Theresa says it is all hands on activities next week. Whew!

Wait, is that a good thing?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PreGym Day 1

Today was the boys first day of their gym class. It is basically the exact same thing as the Totnastics class we took at the end of last year, but this time they go in without me.

About two days ago, I started prepping them. I told them we were going to do "Ta-da" classes again (that is what they called Totnastics when we went). But this time, Mommy was going to watch them. Again, today in the car on the way to the class I told them they have (said with big happy voice) "such a nice teacher and she was going to help them do somersaults and jump and swing from the bars". Made it sound all sorts of fun and exciting all the while my stomach was turning and I was worried they would scream or cry.

Once we got inside we waiting for a bit while sitting next to Michele and her crew. I think it helped that they recognized their friends and their friends weren't freaking out, so they didn't either. The teacher called them in and I told the boys I would wait right here for them and they could see me through the window. And in they went. No tears, no coming back for a hug, kiss or to give me five. They just did it.

Jaxon loved the class. The entire time he totally participated with a huge smile on his face. He did exactly what he was told, grabbed the ribbons, ran around the room and did all the exercises. Wyatt looked back at me a lot. But he kept on doing what he needed to do. Once or twice the teacher held his hand to guide him through what they were doing, but he did pretty well and I know he enjoyed himself, too. Lucas on the other hand, didn't seem to be that keen on taking directions. He would be where he needed to be, but didn't do the floor exercises or running without serious guidance. I am not sure if he is shy or just doesn't love to be told what to do, but it could've been much worse and hopefully he will get more into it as the weeks go by.

I was so proud of the boys today. The fact that they went in okay and didn't come out until the class was over was huge. They have made one more step towards growing up and they did it so well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

I am sure it is not a surprise to read that I think Don is a fantastic father to the boys. He is obviously a huge part of all of our lives and brings us so much laughter. He is a man who thinks nothing of laying on the floor and letting the boys "attack" him or of sitting down and changing three stinky diapers in a row. His sense of humor has saved us from so many tense moments and the kids have grown up in a happier home because of it.

He is everything I wished my kids would have in a father. He is patient, funny, honest, smart and brave. He is thoughtful and his family's happiness means so much to him. There is nothing more I could ask for.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi Nana!

My parents are on a "big bye-bye" and the boys miss their Nana.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things they do

All the boys love to talk on the phone and have a hard time giving their brothers their fair turn. When Wyatt is done talking with someone on the phone, he will not give up the phone until he goes through his process.

Says "bye"
"Hug" and then hugs the phone with a "uuuh" grunt of effort
"Kiss" and then kisses the phone.

Only then will he hand the phone off.


The boys are totally in to puzzles lately. When they look at the puzzle and are trying to figure out where the next piece goes, they make the "hmmmm" sound.


Wyatt is terrified of a fly. He will stamp out a spider, ant, or even a grasshopper. But put that child in the same room with a fly and be prepared to cover your ears.


Lucas is a helper in the bath tub. Jaxon tends to get a little freaked out about getting his hair rinsed, so Lucas will hold Jax's shoulders and it actually seems to relax Jaxon a bit.


We are a family of winkers. Jaxon blinks by closing his eyes at the same time and reopening them. It is very purposeful and you know it is a wink. Lucas has figured out how to close one eye at a time for his wink and even though his face is all twisted in the process, he does a fantastic little wink!


When they wake up -no matter if it is nap time or in the morning- they each say the phrase "good morning!" for the full first minute of seeing us.


Lucas likes to drink water off the ground. Whether it is out of a sprinkler like fountain or a melted ice cube, he has no qualms about stinking his face on the ground.


Jaxon has so much love for everything. We saw a baby out a dinner the other night and he wanted "to go see it". Everything is "c-ute" to him. Babies, birds, our dog teddy and even once, a cockroach.

I had a few more but somehow the post got deleted and thanks to Blogger usually convenient auto save, it auto saved again once it got deleted :(

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He better run!

Today Don and I were standing in the kitchen, having fun, but being a bit tongue in cheek about it.

Don asked if I noticed what he did in the kitchen today before he went to work.

I looked around, the only unusual things being the stove and counter tops were crumb and dish free, thanks to the scrubbing I gave the kitchen this afternoon.

"Uh, no." hmmm Looking and looking again, I came up with nothing. Uh oh

"I took the beer bottles and put them in the garage fridge."

He is talking about the left overs from the boys party. The ones he took out of the fridge and left on the counter the other night. Big deal.
With a smart ass grin he tells me, "See, I get no appreciation."

He is mocking me.

Two can play this.

"Did you happen to notice what I did in the kitchen today?" I ask him.

Don acknowledges the clean counter top and that the stove is unusually clean.
But points out it is MY mess from cooking dinner on the stove, so I should have had to clean it.

Then he ran.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Little Fishes

Last night I was chatting with Mom on the phone. She said she was heating her pool up a little to take the chill off and asked if I'd like to being the boys over for a swim this morning. Aunt Leigha would even be there to help us have a great adult to child ratio! Sounded like a plan.

The boys loved it! Even with the bright floaties on his little arms, Luke clung to the top step of the pool. He would just keep throwing Belle (our dog) her toy, watching her jump in the pool to retrieve it. The only thing that could make him move was when Nana brought out the little floats we have had sitting in her garage for the past few years. Once on a float, he loved to be pushed through the water like a little speed boat, laughing and yelling, "faster!"

Jaxon was a little wild man in his float. He first was kicking wildly trying to get his float to move, but soon figured out how to coordinate his kicking with leaning to go in the direction that he wanted. Jax also knows how to hold on to the pool edge and can make it around most of the pool hand over hand. When he would feel especially brave he would tell me he wanted to float, and I would hold his head against my shoulder and let him try to keep his little body up. He has a long way to go, but I am so proud of him for trying to learn how to swim.

Wyatt was just to tired to want to do much. Those late night trips to our room are starting to really slow him down. His little eyes were so tired and he just laid his head on Nana's shoulder while she walked around the pool. Every once in a while he would see the fun his brothers were having and decide he was up for some fun as well. But not long after, he would be back to cuddling.

I brought them home, thinking for sure I would get a nap until 5 pm. Not nearly so lucky! Luke got up to go potty and stepped on Jax, who of course was laying on the floor between his and Luke's bed. Jax cried and between the crying and Lucas getting up, it was enough to wake up Wyatt. After Luke went to the bathroom I was able to quietly get them to put their heads down, but not even ten minutes later Wyatt came out with a stinky diaper. Needless to say, they were up after less than a two hour nap.

So back to swimming we went, this time with Daddy joining us! We had just as much fun the second time around and Don got to see the boys in action. Both of us feel much more comfortable with the boys n the water this year. I always thought I would have serious water babies, but Don and I have been so cautious in the past about bringing them in the pool. With them out numbering us, we just never felt comfortable enough to have fun swimming with them.

On the way home Don asked me if I was tired. Surprisingly, I wasn't. It occurred to me that even with keeping tabs on the boys swimming, and all the clothes changes, and being out of the house all day, and a shorter nap time, I felt better than I had in a while. Since they were busy swimming today, they had less time to argue and bother each other. Less time to fight over which car is theirs or less time to hit each other then run like the dickens. Even though we were busy today, it was a really good day, a really happy day.

The only thing that could possibly top a day like today off, would be if the boys would be in bed by 8pm. And they were! A perfect day all around.

Now only if they would sleep later than 7am...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Chatter

After weeks and weeks of being driven to get the house ready for the boys birthday party, Don and I are left with nothing to do. The swing set is up. Sandbox looks good. Grass transplanted. But is dying because the sprinklers weren't spraying right. So we fixed the sprinklers last night. Quarter round is about 80% of the way done. Now it is too hot to get the saw out and cut.

So maybe there are some things left to do, but no motivation. :)

So today while the kids are napping I have cleaned out 4gb of space on my hard drive. I have tagged every file and photo that I had waiting to be unzipped. There's productive for ya!

Wyatt has been making his way into our room at night. Last night I put the little monkey back in his room two times between the times of midnight and 4 am. This morning Don woke up at 6 since he was not feeling well. He noticed the boys door was wide open and went to check on them. No Wyatt. Not on the floor, in his brothers beds. Wyatt was not in his room. On his way to get me, Don found Wyatt. He was in between two pillows on the floor of our room.

Needless to say, Wyatt has been a tired mess this morning, but went out like a log at nap time.

Jax doesn't stay in his bed either. Most of the time when we check on the kids, he is sleeping at the bottom half of Luke's bed. Bent in half, his feet on the ground and his upper body lying across below Luke's feet. I am not quite sure how or why he ends up this way, but it is precious.

Luke, on the other hand, stays in bed. Even when the other two are getting out of bed causing trouble, Luke is in bed, covers up high and thumb in mouth. Bed time or just nap time he always tells me, "No night-night, Mom". Yet he is generally the first one asleep.

Yesterday we went to the LVMOMS picnic. The boys had a blast, slurping down as much watermelon that Don would let them and playing on the huge playground they had there. Luckily the play area was shaded, so we were able to stay longer than we initially thought we would. It was nice catching up with all the moms and meeting some new ones. So many new babies, too. Aside from the eggs gone bad, we had a good day.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This face...

gets him out of sooo much trouble.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Lately vodka is a much requested drink in my house. Yup, vodka. Neither Don or I drink much. Maybe twice a year, if that. Although I am seeing the desire to drink is definitely going up as the boys are getting older, and I am sure that is no coincidence.

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I was drinking soda from a huge fast food cup. We don't let the boys drink soda and they kept whining because they wanted my drink. Finally I told them that they don't want it. "It tastes yucky." Trying to think of a yucky drink, the first thing that popped into my jumbled mind was vodka. "It's vodka" I told them.

A few days later, Lucas was drinking out of his plastic zoo cup and told me, "I got vocka". Of course he was referring to his plastic cup, not what was inside it. Monkey see, monkey do is how it happens around here. In no time all three are talking about their "vocka" and " I want more vocka, Mommy". So now it is not unusual to hear once or twice a day, " I want some vocka, Mom".

Juvenile humor, I know. But it makes us laugh.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Lazy Day

Yesterday we took our much needed lazy day and just hung out at the house. In the true spirit of being lazy we went to Einstein Bagels for breakfast, followed by coming home and doing nothing. Nothing consisted of Don blowing up balloons (to achieve true laziness he used the air compressor) and letting out the air while we watched the boys trying to catch them. Around the room the balloons would fly -around the room the boys would run, giggling all the while.

After naps the we packed up the car and headed over to Nana and Pops house for dinner. She was making lots of pasta and invited us to join them. After dinner it was time to swim! The boys lo9ve going in the pool over there. Well, not really the pool. It is 75 degrees and a bit chilly still, so we have been staying in the jacuzzi after it heats up enough to take the chill off.

Wyatt is actually blowing out while his head is under water, so he is getting braver each time he is in the water. Luke is still a bit scared and eventually relaxes each time, but is tense and at square one at the beginning. Jaxon is undecided. He tries to float on his back and will hold on, but I give him credit for trying. Don likes to let the boys jump to him, and will let their heads go a bit under to get them used to it. So sometimes when Jax wants to play that way, he goes to Don. If not, he clings to me. But Wyatt is all about swimming with Don. That kid has no fear.

It was a nice family day and it was hard for Don to go back to work today. The boys miss him and keep asking where he is and then talk about him being on the truck. We had a great weekend and the lazy day was a good ending to it.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Birthday Party

Wow! We had almost 60 people at our house yesterday! The weather was great, food was yummy and people were everywhere. The boys were a bit shy when the BBQ began, but after about an hour they warmed up and started hanging out with the guests.

The boys faces just lit up when they heard everyone singing Happy Birthday to them. Just huge eyes and big smiles when they realized it was for them. Priceless. They all blew out the candles and then cake and ice cream were served. They only opened a few presents last night and LOVED what they have gotten so far.

It was a late night though, Jeff and Renee stayed and hung out in the backyard with us and we had a chance to catch up. Before they left we spent about a half hour playing with the helium tank, blowing up more balloons for the kids and making the kids laugh with helium voices. I think ours ended up going to bed close to 11 last night. But even after they went to bed, Don and I just sat and talked about how great of a time WE had. Our only regret being we had only taken a bout a dozen pictures total. (So if you have some, email them to me please!)

Just about everyone we invited came and shared the evening with us. We had friends from Don's work, Don's high school, my family and blog friends, with a few friends I have known for many years. The day couldn't have gone better for us and the high of a good night with our friends is still lingering.

Thank you everyone that came and celebrated with us. Not only did the boys have a great time and get to see all the people who are a part of them, but Don and I really had a good time with so many friends and family there.