Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 2011

Some of the things that our walls (and Facebook) heard in March/April 2011 3/24 Just showed the boys that I am a secret super hero "Electo Girl". I can make (tiny) lightning bolts come out of my finger (after dragging my feet on the carpet). 4/23 Dear Easter Bunny, Please do not scare us, and don't go upstairs. Do not slam the door. Thank you for the candy! Jaxon, Luke and Wyatt 4/23 Tonight the boys colored eggs in their underwear. We are just matter of fact about our bodies and the boys started talking about their nipples. And what if nickles (HA!) are eyes, that can't see when we have shirts on. It was noted that my nickles would probably have big eyes. LOL. 4/26 I just realized the boys can read the computer over my shoulder. Weird they are there already.