Saturday, April 29, 2006

Luke Talks

I have to master the audioblogger yet. This is Luke doing his high pitch talk. He sounds like a little merman with the notes he can hit sometimes. It is hard to hear, we were in the car and tried to catch it as he was tapering off.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

mmammma and airplanes

Yesterday we had a friend over to help us with our WalkAmerica poster. It rocks, by the way! She hung out all day and had dinner over last night too. We decided since we have an extra hand, we will eat outside with the boys. So we brought the booster chairs (with the boys already in them) out on the patio and made the dogs go inside. The boys just hung out while we ate our dinner. For the first time, they noticed an airplane! I had tried to point them out before, but this time they heard it and then found it. Smart little men!

Today I finally heard mamamammmm. I am thrilled to hear the sound, but I know they are really meaning mmmmmmmmmm, I want to eat. Well, at least I know mama is now a possiblity.
Here are some quick videos of the boys playing together today. This first one is just them being silly and imitating each other.

This second one is Luke giving Jaxon a push on their car.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More video

This was taken a full half hour after we put the kids down for a nap. Maybe next time I can get the sounds of them skreetching to each other :)

This video is of Luke and Wyatt taken last night. Luke is just loving on his big brother. Wyatt is on the right, Luke on the left. And you can hear Jaxon squawking (or is he growling?) in the background. Notice Luke steps away from the gate and just uses Wyatt for balance. He seems to really be in the lead on who will walk first...

Monday, April 24, 2006

NICU Party

Dr Leitner, Don and Dr Asidifar with the kids.

This past Saturday, the hospital where the boys were born had a "birthday" party for all the families who have had their babies in the NICU. It was pretty neat to see so many of the people we met while our boys were growing and waiting to come home!

Lucas & Gemma, one of the wonderful nurses who took care of them. So many beautiful babies, and to know that only a few Doctors (and a few handfuls of nurses)are directly responsible for the fact that all of us had our babies AT ALL. So many many thanks to you out there in the medical field! It is people like you that make the happiness in my life possible!

The Doctors, our family and a family we became friends with in the hospital. They have a older daughter and also BBB triplets. We have kept in touch this past year and it has been very helpful for me to have a supportive friend going through such similar circumstances. SO THANK YOU, CATHY!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Busy day

Today was a wonderfully busy day! First thing this morning, we went to a play date with some other triplet families. Our friend who also has BBB triplets was finally able to come this time. Her boys just turned a year old last month, so they're close in age to Wyatt, Luke and Jaxon.

Our six and another little guy are not walking around yet, so they just hung out around a big basket of toys and a wagon that was close by. They really played well together -not always sharing- but they checked each other out. Touching each others faces, then giving and taking away toys back and forth, back and forth.

Before today, the boys would stay on the blanket, no way would they even let their feet touch the grass, holding feet high above the grass blades. But today they saw the older kids running around and all the cool toys out there, it motivated them a bit. They ALL were on the grass in no time and off to bigger and better things. Luke was particularly fond of this here wagon, Wyatt enjoyed his first taste of rocks, I had to take him back to grassy areas a few times. Jaxon was content going any place, he'd go from the blanket, to the wagon, to the blocks and back to the blanket.

After we got home, they took a nice l o n g nap. When they got up, Don and I were working on the yard (will the yard work ever end?) so we brought them out back to play in the sand and water table. No sand today, just water was enough for them! As you can see, Jaxon LOVED to splash!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Learned 2 things today

Well, I just put the boys down for their second nap of the days and WHEW! They have learned two things today that gives me a peek at what's coming. The first trick... I try to stretch out the time between naps so they take longer naps, instead of only 45 mins. Well, they are all fed and undressed playing in the living room until time for bottle and nap. The boys are being a bit more vocal today, and not in the happy way. Then I realize BAM they are mocking each other. One hears one cry and then tries to cry and see the reaction. Sometimes one will just try the "fake" cry just to see if anyone notices. So I am trying to downplay the reaction to (fake)crying by laughing at the faker now, in a giggle laugh to disctract, but it feels very unnatural and doesn't quite seem the right answer. I will have to get Don's input on this when he witnesses this himself.

The second lesson today... All the boys play this game with each other when they are close together, whether standing, laying, or eating. They put their fingers on the others face and usually ends up in a mouth where one will gum or bite the hand until the finger person has had enough. This is usually VERY cute, the giggles are sweet and it's cute to see them play. Well, Luke was playing this game with Jaxon, both of them standing and holding on to a toy. Luke has his little fingers on Jax's face and in his mouth and I see Luke tug a bit to get his finger out of Jax's mouth. He takes it out and stop and ....cries. He was bit. It is the first official bite. Hopefully they forgot it and won't happen again for a LONG time, but I know we are on borrowed time now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

More movies

This is a better one of Wyatt, shows a bit of his personality.

It is a bit dark, but hopefully you can see Lucas laughing!

And I'll throw in another quicky of Jaxon, too. He is chasing the camera man.

Movies for you

The first video is of Luke and Jax. You get to see Luke's teeth and hear Jaxon squawk like a bird.

Here's Jaxon. Shows a few different moods within 10 seconds

Last is Wyatt, he's not doing much, but he's still cute to look at.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

Jax has his Easter face on! He is so silly and he knows he is cute. Jaxon is one of these kids who is doing something he is unsure if it is okay (like biting), so just gives you this big cheese smile to distract and charm you over just in case. First thing this morning, we woke up bright and early to do the am feed. They are still getting up at about 6 or so for a small bottle feed and go back down to sleep. Luke was hot and had a temp of 102. He had a hard night last night so we were a bit worried, but by 830 or so his temp was back down, so maybe it was teething. He has a beautiful smile with his little teeth, but they really hurt him coming in!
We went to my moms church with my side of the family. The boys did surprisingly well. Wyatt fell asleep in his pops arms during the service and Jax was chatting so loud, I had to take him out in the hall. Luke was content being passed around and just checked everything/everyone out, nary a peep from him.

Afterwards we all went to IHOP for a bite to eat. The boys were impatient for their food and just kept slapping their little fat hands on the table until Don and I cracked open the baggies of apples and hamburger meat to tide them over. Wyatt is like a chipmunk, keeps food in his mouth forever. Leigha sat next to him and went to give him food and he still had apples in his mouth from about 10 mins before! They tried biscuits and had melon, and a bit of mushroom too. New places, new food, they are all for it! Being it was the boys first Easter, I made the waiter take a pic of us all together when we were done eating. The first one was crazy, I know the boys weren't looking so I made everyone stay were they were to take one more. I know it (or I) was a pain, but it was totally worth it! LOOK....

(l-r) Luke, me, Leigha, Don, Jaxon, Beth(Nana), Wyatt, and Don (Pops).
Yes, we dressed them alike today. It is not the normal thing for us because we think they are individuals and we should treat them accordingly. Mix them up a bit, lol. Not to mention how much $$ it would cost to buy 3 of the same thing ALL the time. These adorable outfits were from my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Perfect for today. They do look more "triplet" like with the matching clothes though.

My sister in law asked today about the boys bare feet. She asks questions like that. Things I never think of, are there on the top of her head. She notices little side details. She would be a great blogger, because she would have original topics. Maybe I will start using her to find new topics to talk about. :) Love ya Heather!
Anyhow, back to the feet. I am worried my boys will grow up and have those nasty dry feet no one wants to look at or their wife will yell at them because their dry feet touched their wife's' nice soft feet. Am I the cause of a dry feet destiny? The guilt already starting and they aren't even a year old yet. My boys just don't like things on their feet. I tried shoes and they HATED them. They were freaking out. I know they weren't too big, but they cried so much, I began to doubt if the size on the shoe was right. So we just stick with socks when it gets cold. But generally, they take the socks off to chew a bit on their toes. Especially Wyatt, he is VERY flexible. I will have to attach a pic of this kid some time. He is very quirky, even at an age of less than 11 months. Maybe tomorrow Wyatt will be the topic, hmmmm.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catch up

Well, I can not believe it is already Thursday! Let me catch you up. Don and his buddy from work laid sod in the back yard in preparation for all the company coming in May. (for the boys BIRTHDAY!) The sod order was too short, and we have ordered more that we just put in today. Looks nice so far and we have been watering it like crazy. But it driving the dogs crazy because they won't poop unless they are in the back yard. Maybe it freaks them out me yelling, go potty, GO POTTY! They prefer the privacy I guess.
Oh, I bet you want to hear about the kids. We tried Jello (orange flavored)yesterday after lunch. They all liked the taste, but were not sure how to go about holding it. Wyatt kept smashing his in his hand like the Hulk or something and Luke kept touching it and watching it jiggle a bit. Jax wasn't so keen on touching it at first, but liked it fed to him. Luke is starting to get his balance when he stands up. Like letting go of things and stands! I can't believe how fast they are growing. Today at Costco some woman had a 1 month old over her shoulder and it made me realize how tiny they used to be!!!! Speaking of Costco, we now put the boys sitting in the front of the shopping carts instead of their car seats in the carts.

They love all over each other and play real cute with hands inside the others mouths and whatnot. It is so awesome to watch them play together, cuter than puppies even.:)

We FINALLY got mini dvds for the camcorder again. Now we can make sure we capture these cute moments on camera, like the EASTER BUNNY picture we got taken tonight. We really don't expect much from the people who do the pics, but both this time and the Santa pics we did in VA are great and the people really gave it an honest try. It's surprising how accommodating they try to be. The pic turned out well, all the boys are looking at the camera. Jax was getting kinda wary of the bunny after the picture was taken, glad he didn't check him out too much ahead of time or we could've had a classic screaming baby shot. By the way, that is Wyatt on the left, then Jax and then Luke. Not on purpose, just happened to be in the abc order.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Clark County Fair Day

Well, today we had a FULL day with the boys. Don fed them breakfast this morning while I hopped in the shower (he usually does this on the weekends, it is HIS bonding time with the kids). We had decided not to plant the plants we bought for the backyard or hang out at home, we were going to the fair! The fair was a good hour to an hour and a half drive out to Logandale, so we figure the best time to drive was during their nap time. The drive went well even though they had a back up about 45mins long when you exited just because of the line to the fair parking lot! I jumped out of the car while we were at a stand still to get the bottles out of the diaper bag and we rushed while the kids were getting CRANKY (they were hot,tired and hungry) made the bottles up and gave them out to the boys to buy some time during the last stretch of waiting.
Once we got there, we had a great time checking out different booths and exhibits. They were getting tired of being strapped down in the stroller after they had been in the car seats for so long so we found a shady area, laid out our blanket and let the boys roam free for a bit. They were climbing all over the stroller and each other. They would see somewhere they wanted to go and set off crawling out in that direction, but they DO NOT LIKE the grass and would stop at the edge of the blanket. Finally we packed up, walked around a bit more to get something to eat, and I almost forgot...we got the boys TATTOOED! Each one sat so still in the stroller as the guy airbrushed on their very own initial on one of their little biceps (do they have biceps at this age??)

You can hear them......

I found out that we can call a phone number and record a blog. I thought it would be cool to call it and record some of the boys chitter chatter. They are all on here, but hard even for me to distinguish which is which. No matter, still is cute to listen to!

Growth chart update:
Jaxon 19.03 lbs
Lucas 20.7 lbs
Wyatt 18.7 lbs

Friday, April 07, 2006


Wow! Blogging gets serious. I follow a few blogs now and then and see things I think are neat and want on MY blog. They are free, you just have to figure out how to use them. That is where I am having problems. This cute little poll we have going on over here about who is going to walk first, took me a full day. Again, getting the info was easy, they just give you a little code, but to figure out where in the template to put it took 5 trys yesterday with no results. But today, I figured it out no problem. The big a-ha!
Earlier today the boys and I went on our playdate. A group of triplet moms here in Las Vegas get together every week or so at the park. The boys are too little to do the climbing and sliding yet. I just lay a blanket on the rubber landing around the playset and put the boys down with a few toys. One of the other moms has a baby boy who is about 9 months old, so the boys hang out with that little man and have fun. Wyatt tried to climb up the first foot of a slide today, I will have to watch out for him in the future. In the beginning, Luke was just all about the incrediablock I brought with us. When he got over that, he found every bit of food anyone had dropped within a 10 ft radius, his little eys find everything! Jaxon was tired and he is trying out a new whine lately. He has fallen on his tush alot while trying to stand and has learned the quick response of a loud cry. But one of the moms had her dad and Jax took right to him, he found a new buddie who noticed that Jax's other front top tooth had came through this AM. So then I felt bad becasue maybe THAT is why he was whiny. Sorry little man! All the boys had a good time and they LOVE watching the other kids run around.
These playdates (two so far)have been the only 2 times I have taken the kids out on my own, and it has been LIBERATING. To see the other moms and kids is awesome. Having other sets of three out in public is a big weight lifted off my shoulders. At stores people flock on over asking "are those triplets?" We have stopped making eye contact all the time so we can at least finish a conversation! I think at the park there are too many kids running around to realize that there are "sets". Maybe one of these days I will be brave enough to go to Costco or something, but I am happy with my success so far!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I have been thinking since the boys were only a few months old that I should really be writing some of my day down. I went to go buy notebooks and even was going to buy personalized books with the kids pictures on the front, but it never happened. So, I figure I am online just about everyday and maybe I should jump into the world of blogging.
Right now, Wyatt, Jaxon & Lucas are 10 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day old. They are the absolute loves of Don and my lives. This blog will be mainly about them and the daily events that happen with 3 little boys. Thanks for reading!