Friday, April 07, 2006


Wow! Blogging gets serious. I follow a few blogs now and then and see things I think are neat and want on MY blog. They are free, you just have to figure out how to use them. That is where I am having problems. This cute little poll we have going on over here about who is going to walk first, took me a full day. Again, getting the info was easy, they just give you a little code, but to figure out where in the template to put it took 5 trys yesterday with no results. But today, I figured it out no problem. The big a-ha!
Earlier today the boys and I went on our playdate. A group of triplet moms here in Las Vegas get together every week or so at the park. The boys are too little to do the climbing and sliding yet. I just lay a blanket on the rubber landing around the playset and put the boys down with a few toys. One of the other moms has a baby boy who is about 9 months old, so the boys hang out with that little man and have fun. Wyatt tried to climb up the first foot of a slide today, I will have to watch out for him in the future. In the beginning, Luke was just all about the incrediablock I brought with us. When he got over that, he found every bit of food anyone had dropped within a 10 ft radius, his little eys find everything! Jaxon was tired and he is trying out a new whine lately. He has fallen on his tush alot while trying to stand and has learned the quick response of a loud cry. But one of the moms had her dad and Jax took right to him, he found a new buddie who noticed that Jax's other front top tooth had came through this AM. So then I felt bad becasue maybe THAT is why he was whiny. Sorry little man! All the boys had a good time and they LOVE watching the other kids run around.
These playdates (two so far)have been the only 2 times I have taken the kids out on my own, and it has been LIBERATING. To see the other moms and kids is awesome. Having other sets of three out in public is a big weight lifted off my shoulders. At stores people flock on over asking "are those triplets?" We have stopped making eye contact all the time so we can at least finish a conversation! I think at the park there are too many kids running around to realize that there are "sets". Maybe one of these days I will be brave enough to go to Costco or something, but I am happy with my success so far!

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