Thursday, April 27, 2006

mmammma and airplanes

Yesterday we had a friend over to help us with our WalkAmerica poster. It rocks, by the way! She hung out all day and had dinner over last night too. We decided since we have an extra hand, we will eat outside with the boys. So we brought the booster chairs (with the boys already in them) out on the patio and made the dogs go inside. The boys just hung out while we ate our dinner. For the first time, they noticed an airplane! I had tried to point them out before, but this time they heard it and then found it. Smart little men!

Today I finally heard mamamammmm. I am thrilled to hear the sound, but I know they are really meaning mmmmmmmmmm, I want to eat. Well, at least I know mama is now a possiblity.
Here are some quick videos of the boys playing together today. This first one is just them being silly and imitating each other.

This second one is Luke giving Jaxon a push on their car.