Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Resemblance

Due to an unfortunate incident involving Jaxon, my camera, and the tiled entry way- there will be no little movies until further notice.

Everyday we see so many similarities between the boys and their cousins. Jaxon is so much like Davey (Don's nephew). He finds so much joy in everything he does. Tonight he was lying on the couch sliding slowly to the ground, and just that simple act made him laugh so hard and long we had to wonder if we missed something funny that had happened. The same thing happened today when we were in the car. Jaxon found a whistle they have played with many times before, but this time he managed to get it to blow. He thought it was so funny he was unable to blow the whistle again since he couldn't stop giggling. Jaxon does this full blown smile and his little face looks JUST like Davey, minus the brown eyes (Jax's are blue).

Lucas, on the other hand is sometimes the spitting image of one of Don's other nephews, Matthew. Not only can we see the similarity in parts of his face, but his mannerisms sometimes just scream Matthew at us. Luke loves to look things through all the way, making sure he leaves nothing unturned. He finds the quirkiest things funny, which we totally adore -and wouldn't see the humor in if not for his laugh. He loves to shock us, whether by hiding and scaring us, or just by being naughty. Luke's little eyes have the same twinkle Matthew has and he really seems to share so many of Matthew's qualities.

We can't pinpoint who Wyatt resembles. When he was just a baby, we couldn't get over how much he looked like Don's Grandpa (on his mom's side). Now that he is a bit older, I look for ways to see who he resembles now. His little scrappy personality reminds me of my nephew Michael, ready to tackle anyone and thinks he is stronger than Superman himself, while chuckling and screaming like he is riding a roller coaster. Wyatt is a crazy kid, he laughs at himself and is so ready for an adventure. When we are worn out from playing with him, he is always asking for "moe" (more) because even though his little heart is beating so fast and he is on the verge of wheezing, he is not done with us yet.

These boys just FILL MY HEART more than I ever thought possible. They drive me crazy with their total oblivion to why they can not push or throw toys at each other, and then melt my heart when I go to adjust someones shirt and I hear, "tank you Momma". It is so awesome to see them act like their cousins who all have such good hearts and wonderful sense of humors.

No new pictures today, but I will leave you with an oldie but goodie...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Funny Man

Weekend lunch times tend to get a bit silly around here. Usually Don and I are distracted by things that need to get done and we let the boys linger a bit at the table. With each minute that goes by, they become like this little boys club -giggling and showing off for each other.

Don amused the boys for a bit by hiding on the other side of the half wall. He would pop his head up and make it look like he was falling down, just to pop up again. The boys thought it was hilarious and as soon as Wyatt got washed up and set free, he tried to be just like his Daddy.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Daddy's Helpers

Every time Don has to pull out his drill -no matter the reason- the boys crowd around him. The extra "help" turns a job that normally would only take 30 seconds to do, into a job that takes 10 minutes. But I have to admit, extra "help" has never been so cute!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day to Day

This weekend we have just been hanging out mostly at home. Yesterday we went out for dinner and afterwards stopped by Brent and Jessica's house and made plans to meet up with them again this morning. Luke has opened a bit with Jessica, even attempting to say her name last night when we left. I think it has connected in his head that those are Reagan's parents.

Not much is new around here. The boys are still learning more words everyday, and talking so much. They are working on their colors, but everything seems to be the color "ya-yo". When we are in the car and stopped at a red light, Jaxon and Lucas will demand that we go. "Go, go dada, GO!" So we are trying to show them the red light and how it turns green, but they haven't grasped it yet. But we can't help but smile when they tell us to go when we are stopped at the red lights.

Their sense of humor is awesome. Tonight we had the tv on while they were eating and Shaun the Sheep was on Disney. IF you are not familiar with the show, they are 30 second to 5 minute clips of the farmer, his sheep and the dog. Here is a link to get an idea. Well, the boys were quiet and watching the show, laughing at the funny parts! They laugh all the time, but as far as what they laugh at, that is up in the air. Jaxon loves body noises (charming, I know) and that will always make him laugh, but it seemed so mature for them to be laughing at a wordless show.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Security Breach

Not that we need to close the doggie door often, but if the boys have escaped for the umpteenth time, it is handy to be able to close it.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This and That

The boys are still loving sunglasses. This weekend when we went shopping, the Children's Place had these funky aviation ones for 99 cents which I thought Don would get a kick out of. It is amazing how all three boys have a totally different look with them on. Jax is a little more nerd/ maybe police man, Wyatt looks like a little Elvis, and Lucas has the Brad Pitt thing going on -when he puts the glasses on right side up, anyhow.

We are having issues with bulling today; LOTS of pushing and hitting with their cars. Jax still has his boo-boo on his forehead, we are going on TWO months now. He is listening better and keeping the band aids on 80% of the time when he sleeps, so hopefully he should be healed up soon, with no damage done.

Lucas loves to preface things he is going to do with saying "ready" but coming out more like "reb-ee". This pertains to going down the slide, throwing cars, or sliding a match box car down the stair railing. Either way, it means look out!

Wyatt surprised us tonight when Don was signing the alphabet. He was able to name most of the letters that Don signed to him! We had known he knew a,b,and c, but the fact that he knew so many more was just amazing to us!

Baby Reagan is back! The boys were so excited to see her the other day when Nana walked through the door with the car seat. I think she was just in awe of so many little people around her, but the boys were really good with her. We just have to remind them not to touch her hair/ face/ head. They just keep pointing at her and touching, saying "bay-bee, bay-bee Rae-rae". Here is a video for her parents to see the loving she gets when she is here. This is actually the boys giving her space.

School is starting and Michael, Cathryn and Matthew have headed back out to their home in California. The boys are going to miss their big cousins! This is Michael making them laugh...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Ahh this is the stuff weekends should be made of! Friday night Don and I snuck off for a "date night" thanks to my Mom babysitting the boys. Dinner was at Yolies. The owner is a client of Don's and this is the second time she invited us there on the house. The food is amazing and the service was wonderful with about 4 or 5 different waiters attending to every need. We had such a nice time catching up and relaxing, Don even had a couple beers and he finished off my cocktail. Afterwards we went our for dessert and more drinks (for Don). I can not stress how much this date night helped, even though we didn't know we needed it.

Saturday Don took the boys out to meet his partner Albert for breakfast. He said they did great and had no problems! I went to Einstein bagels (ALONE) and actually got to eat while thumbing through a magazine!! I have no recollection of the last time I felt relaxed enough to leisurely eat and read at the same time. Had to be before the boys were born :) Then we went to a strip mall where I ran in and did some shopping while Don WALKED the boys to the pet store to keep them busy. No stroller, wagon or anything. He had them holding hands with each other to cross the streets and they totally behaved for him. It makes me wonder if they smell fear on me, hah.

That night my Mom invited us for dinner and all five of the boys (Mike and Matt are still out here) just had a blast playing together. Don set up a telescope he brought over for the boys and then we took Michael back to our house where Don and he played the PlayStation till all hours.

This morning we took an impromptu trip out to the Primm outlet stores and did a bit of shopping. That place has gotten much busier then they used to be and in turn they opened many more stores! The boys had a blast running around (read- not in wagon or stroller). Who knew how long kids could keep busy jumping off 3 inch platforms or hiding behind little pillars? On the 30 minute drive home they kept themselves busy by making it "rain" with raspberries and playing with their sunglasses (aka "eyes") before they fell asleep.

(You see where Jaxon's arm is? Thank goodness it was a clean diaper!) After nap time was over, we took a trip out to Nana's house to say good bye to Mike and Matthew since they go home tomorrow. We are all going to miss the kids since they start school soon. Between the three of them, they have been here non stop all summer! The boys have grown very attached to them and love then dearly! It was a great weekend, every minute the boys were up were packed with fun things, and when they slept, Don and I hung out and caught up, too. What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This morning before the boys were out of their beds, I was getting ready for the day. There was a rumble outside and for a minute, for a second, I wondered if it could be thunder, but then I figured that wasn't possible. See, Don watches the weather channel nightly and most mornings, too. He wants to know what he is up against the next day at work since he is outside all day, every day. The weather channel is useless to me, unless I would like to know exactly how much over 100 degrees we will be today. I am better off not knowing. Plus it hadn't rained more than an hour or so in more than 3 months!

To see that it was indeed raining with a bit of thunder and lightning to go with it, I rushed to get the boys up so they could see it, also. They have never woken up to rain before. They are so unfamiliar with rain that we tell them it is raining when the sprinklers in the backyard go off just to familiarize them with the term rain. I opened the front door and they just loved watching the rain come out of the sky. "Nain"..."nay-ning?" they ask. Wyatt associated the rain with the watering can, so he went to grab that and put it outside.

After all that excitement we closed the door and our day went on like normal, but I am glad the boys got to have their little rain experience.