Wednesday, August 01, 2007


This morning before the boys were out of their beds, I was getting ready for the day. There was a rumble outside and for a minute, for a second, I wondered if it could be thunder, but then I figured that wasn't possible. See, Don watches the weather channel nightly and most mornings, too. He wants to know what he is up against the next day at work since he is outside all day, every day. The weather channel is useless to me, unless I would like to know exactly how much over 100 degrees we will be today. I am better off not knowing. Plus it hadn't rained more than an hour or so in more than 3 months!

To see that it was indeed raining with a bit of thunder and lightning to go with it, I rushed to get the boys up so they could see it, also. They have never woken up to rain before. They are so unfamiliar with rain that we tell them it is raining when the sprinklers in the backyard go off just to familiarize them with the term rain. I opened the front door and they just loved watching the rain come out of the sky. "Nain"..."nay-ning?" they ask. Wyatt associated the rain with the watering can, so he went to grab that and put it outside.

After all that excitement we closed the door and our day went on like normal, but I am glad the boys got to have their little rain experience.

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