Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Grade!

Holy cow, you little monkeys are in first grade this year! All day in school and in separate classes, too. This morning your dad and I dropped you off, and I told myself I was going to keep it together since I cracked on teacher meet and greet day. No worries, I didn't embarrass you, just left the room under the guise of looking for your wandering brothers :)

Luke, your class freaked me out! No familiar faces in your line, and most the line was GIRLS. 12 girls to 6 boys! I was worried about you making friends -you are such a doll and anytime I think of you it is with the image of your head thrown back laughing- and I was concerned you would be too shy to shine. After school you were so excited, it soothed my concerns for now. Not only did you get to sit with Jessica in lunch (even though she is in a different class), you love your teacher and you did end up recognizing one of the boys from your first class last year. I am excited to see you blossom on your own this year, buddy!

Wyatt, I LOVE your teacher. Her class is so bright and ideal, I wish your brothers had a class like that too. You have a couple friends in your class, including Franki down the street (and did I mention I LOVE your teacher?) and your teacher just seems perfectly suited for you. She sends packets home and I am all about teacher/parent communication. You sang songs in class today as well as played I Spy and Hide and Seek (really, or are you trying to make your brothers jealous?) so it sounds as if your day was a success too!

Jaxon, you got the majority of your friends in your class this year. I am sure you feel right as home amongst all your friends, but I have concerns since you got a teacher that is new to the school, and her classroom was not so cute and she had no packet, but I know I am nitpicking a bit because I worry you got another ineffective teacher. You get bored just doing homework, so I worry she won't be able to keep you inspired and on task for a 6 hour day. Only time will tell, so I will keep a closer eye on you. You are such an independent guy, not worried or hesitant about a new class or all day school. You are always ready to tackle what the bigger kids do, I really admire your strength like that. Get 'em tiger!

As for me, I sat around with your dad today. He called in just so he could be a part of this huge milestone with us. We ran a few errands and ate crab cakes. Then I read a book while he make water balloons for you guys to play with when you got home. Your dad is awesome, you know.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and make you a nice and healthy breakfast, and pack 3 yummy and healthy lunches. I feel like since I don't parent while you are at school I really need to get the meals right for you. Having you guys at school makes me realize it is time to look for direction in my life. I ALWAYS planned on being a mom. But being a mom is no longer a full time job, and I am in unfamilar territory.

Seems like a year of firsts for all of us. Can't wait to see where we end up.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jaxon's First Staples

Seriously- being that this is JAXON, who is "do first, think later" to the tips of his very toes, we are all surprised he has gone this long without any medical interference. Poor love though, no matter how often he squeaked by without any damage, my heart still broke for him today when tears, screams and blood were all very present.

I had just called him up on my bed and he sat down and slammed his body backwards- as to bounce against the mattress- missing the mattress and hitting my iron foot board. He just screamed and I froze, not wanting to freak him out, waiting to see if there was any damage, and just saw lots of blood instead.

He was better by the time our Dr could see us. I was unsure if he even needed stitches, but figured rather be safe than sorry. Once the Dr spelled out staples to me, I sent the Luke and Wyatt out of the office. The last thing Jax needed was his brothers freaking him out with stories of the Dr putting staples on his head. They had already "helped" enough, telling him his head looked "exgussting" (their version of disgusting).

Thankfully, all is better now. Jax saw the picture of the back of his head and said he NEVER wants to see that again.

He is sitting on our cream couch and I am cringing very time he moves his body, afraid he will leave a nice blood mark or ten on the couch back. I better go and put a gauze on it.