Monday, August 22, 2011

Jaxon's First Staples

Seriously- being that this is JAXON, who is "do first, think later" to the tips of his very toes, we are all surprised he has gone this long without any medical interference. Poor love though, no matter how often he squeaked by without any damage, my heart still broke for him today when tears, screams and blood were all very present.

I had just called him up on my bed and he sat down and slammed his body backwards- as to bounce against the mattress- missing the mattress and hitting my iron foot board. He just screamed and I froze, not wanting to freak him out, waiting to see if there was any damage, and just saw lots of blood instead.

He was better by the time our Dr could see us. I was unsure if he even needed stitches, but figured rather be safe than sorry. Once the Dr spelled out staples to me, I sent the Luke and Wyatt out of the office. The last thing Jax needed was his brothers freaking him out with stories of the Dr putting staples on his head. They had already "helped" enough, telling him his head looked "exgussting" (their version of disgusting).

Thankfully, all is better now. Jax saw the picture of the back of his head and said he NEVER wants to see that again.

He is sitting on our cream couch and I am cringing very time he moves his body, afraid he will leave a nice blood mark or ten on the couch back. I better go and put a gauze on it.

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Annie said...

Poor little guy. When do the staples come out?