Monday, August 20, 2012

2nd Grade!

 You boys are 7 years old and just adorable. You are all missing teeth here and there, and have hilarious senses of humor -although we are working on cleaning that humor up. haha!

  This year school starts on a Monday, so we have the whole week to adjust. All three of you are in separate classes again, and all your teachers are new to ME, so I am nervous, but feel good about it all. Wyatt has Franki down the street in his class again, Jaxon has the new girl Gracie that just moved in on our street as well, and Lucas has Maile in his class. You each are excited about today (thankfully) and we had a nice chill morning, no rushing or freaking out of any sort -although Jax had a last minute change of clothes due to his insistence on wearing socks.

Each of you seemed really confident this morning as we walked up to the playground. You were ready to drop your backpacks on the asphalt and run to play. You were not concerned in the least bit, just excited to catch up to your friends.

  On one hand, I miss my little guys, but on the other I am so happy you have this confidence and no worries about what the day or school year will bring.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holy cow, 2012 already?

Well, I have not updated in a LONG time. So much has happened- but somehow we still muddle through the same ole thing day after day. First off, let me tell you that you guys are awesome. I love you little monkeys more now than ever. You make your dad and I laugh so much and we just truly love spending time with you. Being parents of 6 years olds has been my favorite so far. You are hilarious with your own thoughts and jokes, and you still like to come cuddle with us on the couch or wrestle with us on the floor. You steal our cell phones and love to play your little 3DS systems you got for Christmas and the Wii too. You are still so into super heroes, but Mario brothers and Angry Birds are coming in quickly behind. You think it is hilarious when your dad and I kiss, but the affection is contagious and we have had a few talks regarding you boys being too young to kiss girls or have girl friends. So for now you just try to run up and pull us apart if you think we are going to kiss :) Oh we love you guys so much. Even during the trying times which seems like every night at bed time (even right this moment you were put to bed 30 minutes ago and each of you are still up coming out for water or whatever reason you are procrastinating with. OR when you are arguing or being rotten to each other only 2 minutes after coming home from school. Hopefully I can get this blog updated with some of our day to day life and what has been going on because LOTS has been going on. xoxo

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Christmas we Crashed

Moments before the big crash
Boys, boys, boys. First, I need to explain to you our intentions. All the neighbor hood kids have power wheels or something of the like. But unfortunately, there is nothing on the market that would hold the three of you and go more than half a mile per hour. Someone on your Dad's route at work offered him a go cart that needed some tlc, and your Dad and I thought that would make a great Christmas present.

   To make a long, horrible story short, it was not a wise decision on our behalf. On Christmas morning after all the presents were opened and we had a fantastic family brunch with both sets of Grandparents and Aunt Leigha here too, we went outside to show you your big present! A shiny red go cart covered with a big shiny bow! A go cart that -on its second ride down the street- slammed into the concrete poles at about 15 miles an hour.

The 3 Amigos reunited

  Our neighbors were outside and jumped into action even before I could run down the street to the accident scene. 911 was being called and first aid was being administered. Blankets were brought out to prevent shock, ice packets were applied to bruising and Dad's jeans were cut off to access his leg. Your dad held on to the go cart hoping to hit that kill switch on the back and was thrown over the back of the cart into the street. The force of being thrown had cracked his tibia and a fragment of his bone was sticking out of his jeans. Jaxon was shaken and bruised but thankfully seemed to be mostly fine. He was coherent and shaken, but able to talk (cry). Wyatt, on the other hand, had been thrown from the go cart and slammed his little head right into the concrete pole. Now that I am writing this I know he is okay, but it was the single most scary moment of my life so far. One of his eyes was rolled back in his head and he was not responding to us at all, just moaning in pain. The other eye was swollen shut and bulging purple. All I could do was lay on the road next to him and tell him he was okay and wonder if we were going to lose him. I was torn between the three of you, you were only 3 feet away from each other, but too far for me to be with all of you at the same time. Your dad swears he saw angels that day at the end of the street. He said he prayed so hard that you boys would be okay, and in my heart I feel like he had prayed so loud inside it opened up a direct line to God.

Dad and Wyatt recovering the day after
 With the horrible accident only minutes before, it was strangely quiet. No panicking, no crying. Just Leigha and I trying to console Wyatt and Jaxon while your grandfathers and the neighbors tended to your Dad and helped where they could. It was the most calm and organized emergency ever, even in the face of wondering if we were losing a child. With that being true, we can not possibly doubt we were being comforted by angels sent straight from God. By the time the first ambulance loaded Wyatt up in the back, Wyatt was able to groggily talk and even recall what he had received for Christmas. He was by no means out of trouble, but at least it was progress. The second ambulance loaded up Don and Jaxon and were going to meet us at the hospital.

Our new normal
Hours later, Jaxon was able to be released! Don had a compound tibia fracture and Wyatt had a orbital fracture near his eye and a concussion. Days later we realize Wyatt's ankle is sprained as well earning him a walker for a couple weeks. Lucas and Jaxon stayed with Nana and Pops during the days/night Wyatt and Don were in the hospital. Luckily their cousins were coming into town and it helped distract them from the ordeal. Wyatt was able to go home after a couple nights, but Don stayed in for almost a week! He had what we were told was the biggest hospital room in Las Vegas, and I believe it. Seemed to be bigger than our living room and only one bed!

Welcome home Daddy!
 The Orthopedic surgeon on call Christmas day was Las Vegas' best, Thank God (again!) and Don had some major adjusting to do. He was now out of work for at least 4 or 5 months (he's a garbage man and a broken leg tends to interfere with that) Don had tons of hardware sticking out of his leg (external fixator). No cast needed, but no weight bearing for 4 months. Finally Don got to come home in time for the new year, but with new limitations. A hospital bed was delivered, and set up in the living room since stairs were out of the question. He also needed a wheel chair as well as a walker and shower chair. Both your grandfathers came and took down our Christmas lights and built a ramp for your Dad to come outside with. Friends and other triplet MOMs gathered and made a schedule so we had dinners provided to us for an entire month!

A wheelchair doesn't stop the sillies!
  Today it is almost 5 months after the accident and your dad is so close to normal. He is not back to work yet, and still doing therapy, but getting better every day. It has been baby steps for him, but he has been a trooper and so good to us. He started out as my patient, needing help getting to the bathroom and having food brought to him. Now he has taken over most of the morning jobs, helping getting you kids breakfast and packing lunches with me. I have always loved your dad, but this unexpected time with him has really been nice for us too. Sometimes stressful, sure(!) but we know how incredibly blessed we are that you kids are healthy and many times he has said that he would much rather be him than any of you.