Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 34th Birthday

For my birthday this year, we did a fondue night at home. Eating picnic style in the living room -with all the cheese dipping we could want- was a perfect way to spend my birthday.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas

Don and I decided this year we would go visit his parent in to Texas for Thanksgiving. His brother John (and his family) were planning on it as well, so we were really looking forward to a holiday with Don's family.

Luckily, Nana lent us her van and Don was able to take some time off work, so we decided that driving (30 hours each way) would be up our alley. We enjoy the challenge of making it so far in the shortest amount of time possible, while still keeping it safe with rotating drivers when needed. Crazy times, but fun.

Once we finally got to Texas, it was so good to see Don's family again! We hadn't seen Don's mom in almost a year, and his brother John's family is from Florida and had never met the boys! Everyone had so much catching up to do over lots of cooking, eating and card playing.

The houseful of guests (and all the noise they entail) are a lot for Don's dad to take in, so during the day we would try to keep the boys out of the house. One day we went to a nearby park. The boys loved running around with Don and their Uncle John. Uncle John likes to challenge the boys and they loved to try to take him on, racing all over the equipment and jumping on him like little monkeys.

Another day the whole group of us went to the Children's Museum of Houston. All five of the kids found different things to keep them busy in Kidtropolis. Luke liked being a veterinarian, Wyatt a food server, Jaxon a cashier at the grocery store, and Gina and Barbara liked to run around to the different ATMs, seeing how many paychecks they could enter. :)

Later we found another part of the Museum where we and the 5 kids did some crafts and more hands on experiments. After the museum we went to dinner. Things had been so busy, so it was nice to sit down and get to chat with my sister in law, Liz. The boys completely adored her and the girls, and they all were loving on the boys in return. I love that we all got along so well, and that love just flowed between the families.

The whole visit was fantastic, and I don't think there is a single thing I would have changed. We even got to introduce the boys to their cousin Gage, and catch up with some of Don's cousins, Aunt and Uncles in Texas. It was a much needed catch up with so much family, and we were all thankful for all of it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Redi Whip

The difference between moms and dads... Don thinks it is fun teaching them this. I just worry that my kids will sneak in the fridge to get it themselves, and end up high on laughing gas.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Shapiro Shindig

Face painting

Horsey rides

Petting zoo

And playing with our friends too!

What a fun afternoon!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Saying Thanks

This picture is just crazy to me. Without this very man, our kids would not be here.

Thank you so much, Dr Shapiro.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Posse

When the boys were born -and after they came home from their stay at the hospital, life changed. Obviously any parent that comes home with a baby for the first time feels like they have been dropped into the "Unknown Zone". I had an overwhelming feeling each week bringing a new baby home that the hospital really should write directions.

We felt our way around, but still knew we were just surviving, not really making any headway. At the end of the evening we were high-fiving that we made it through the day, but we were pretty sure there had to be easier methods to the madness. We had advice from many, but not anyone who really understood the logistics of THREE infants at once. That is where my web sleuthing came in and we found Triplet Connection.

Through Triplet Connection, I was able to meet some other local moms of triplets. People who didn't feel the need to ask me about how we conceived our kids, or look at me like I was a freak because I had a mile long stroller. We didn't have to worry about other triplet mom friends feeling that we were trying to "out do" them because our litter of kids commanded a bit more attention than a cute bow on their single baby's head.

I came into a group of friends already formed, and more have continued to join or go as they have pleased. I am so thankful for my friends who listen to the crazy times while not judging, but laughing because they have been there in one form or another -or laughing because they know that day is coming for them as well. These moms are all great, and their kids are pretty adorable as well.

I love the posse and support that comes from these other Moms of Multiples, and the fun my children have with theirs.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fire Drill

Monday through Thursday the kids have homework. Since they are a wreck when they get home after school, we have been doing homework after breakfast.

We have been caught up for the entire week, except half of Thursday's home. PRACTICE A FIRE DRILL WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Oh my Lord.

This sentence made my stomach drop. It could have been because Wyatt tends to over analyze things and still has anxiety about some random things. We have to keep doors open when he is on the other side of them(not the bathroom door, thank goodness!) but the front door for sure. And he won't buckle in the car until he knows we are out there, too. So adding stress of a possible fire wasn't something I wanted to add to his list.

I think my stomach dropped mostly because our fire alarm has been going off about 7 times a week -sometimes 5 times in a single night. What a pleasent way to wake up. Not to mention that makes the emergency concept not such an emergency when it is happening so often.

I decided just to talk about the basics with them. We will save the little ladder thing (we have one that hangs out their bedroom window to the floor) for when Don gets home this afternoon.

So I talked to them about checking the door to see if it is hot. We talked about not hiding from the fire, so the fireman can easily find you. We talked about if their door is hot, we will come to them through their window. We also talked about calling 911.

Jaxon corrected me here, telling me he knows the number to the Justice League and it is 11511. He said they are very far, but they will come quick.

So I let him know that in case they are running behind, to be prepared for the fire department.

Anyhow, I can understand how this may be a good idea for many families to practice this. But for my family, it just throws too many ideas out in the open. Makes me feel like my boys are socially behind. Does anyone else worry about showing their kids an escape route from their house because they are worried about their kids attempting it on their own? Or about their kids dialling 11511 for the Justice League instead of 911 for the actual human help?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Our Everyday

For the past few months, our cookie cutter squished together neighborhood has become more neighborly.

People actually have begun to hang out outside and chat with each other. The kids all hang out and play past sunset. We sit outside of our neighbors house until bedtime, roasting marshmallows over a fire pit on their drive way.

It was a long time coming -we have been here about 6 years now. We are the only house with a front patio, and I think we have been out front more than anyone else in the past few years. We wave to everyone that passes our house -and usually get a smile and wave in return -but that is as far as 90% of the neighborhood relationships went.

But now, we are finally at a point where most of the houses on our street have kids there. If one kid is out, slowly the others come out to play. Bikes are ridden up and down the street and "CAR!" is yelled every time anyone spots a car with wheels turning.

It is so weird to see the kids doing things that I have specific memories of also doing. It is weird to think they are old enough to be hanging out with the neighborhood kids. It is weird to know I am old enough to have kids doing this when it seems like I was just doing this last year.

But it is cool that one day they will look back and have memories of days like this, too.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something I love about you

I love that Jaxon LOVES to make friends. Every time he gets to be around other kids, he makes a few new friends. I know this because he yells out, "Mom, I making new friends!"

I also love that even though his 6th birthday isn't until May, he invites anyone and everyone he meets to their party. Even some 13 year old girls sitting near the boys at a festival recently.

He loves new friends. And I love him!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Don and I wanted to try something different. In Nevada, we celebrate Nevada day (the day Nevada became a state-which happens to be Oct 31st) with a day off school. With our year pass to Lego Land, we thought that may be a great way to spend our Halloween weekend this year.

We got an amazing deal with a hotel right next to Lego Land because of a timeshare presentation, packed a bunch of food for the trip and headed to California! I didn't get many pictures, and most of the ones I did get are blurry (!) but we did have a great time.

On the way out to Carlsbad, we stopped in Irvine where a fellow triplet mom had invited us to stay with her for a night. Michelle has 5 boys! That made for one exciting visit! All eight boys got along lost in the world of matchbox cars and boy toys. Michelle's husband Matt set up a tent for our boys to sleep in, and they were just in fun heaven!

The next day was a breakfast at Rudy's Diner and off to Lego Land we went.

Dressed up their Halloween costumes, the boys loved hearing people comment on their Super Hero-ness. Some funny moments happened when the boys would see other people (especially a grown man) dressed as super heroes. Their reactions were priceless, as was one little girl dressed in a silver and pink Super Girl costume when she saw all the Super boys. They all felt a Super Hero connection -and it was priceless.

What fun would Lego Land be without riding their favorite rides? And of course, there was plenty of Trick or Treating at Lego Land. The whole weekend was a great time for us to get to spend some much needed fun time together.