Sunday, November 07, 2010

Our Everyday

For the past few months, our cookie cutter squished together neighborhood has become more neighborly.

People actually have begun to hang out outside and chat with each other. The kids all hang out and play past sunset. We sit outside of our neighbors house until bedtime, roasting marshmallows over a fire pit on their drive way.

It was a long time coming -we have been here about 6 years now. We are the only house with a front patio, and I think we have been out front more than anyone else in the past few years. We wave to everyone that passes our house -and usually get a smile and wave in return -but that is as far as 90% of the neighborhood relationships went.

But now, we are finally at a point where most of the houses on our street have kids there. If one kid is out, slowly the others come out to play. Bikes are ridden up and down the street and "CAR!" is yelled every time anyone spots a car with wheels turning.

It is so weird to see the kids doing things that I have specific memories of also doing. It is weird to think they are old enough to be hanging out with the neighborhood kids. It is weird to know I am old enough to have kids doing this when it seems like I was just doing this last year.

But it is cool that one day they will look back and have memories of days like this, too.

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