Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Texas

Don and I decided this year we would go visit his parent in to Texas for Thanksgiving. His brother John (and his family) were planning on it as well, so we were really looking forward to a holiday with Don's family.

Luckily, Nana lent us her van and Don was able to take some time off work, so we decided that driving (30 hours each way) would be up our alley. We enjoy the challenge of making it so far in the shortest amount of time possible, while still keeping it safe with rotating drivers when needed. Crazy times, but fun.

Once we finally got to Texas, it was so good to see Don's family again! We hadn't seen Don's mom in almost a year, and his brother John's family is from Florida and had never met the boys! Everyone had so much catching up to do over lots of cooking, eating and card playing.

The houseful of guests (and all the noise they entail) are a lot for Don's dad to take in, so during the day we would try to keep the boys out of the house. One day we went to a nearby park. The boys loved running around with Don and their Uncle John. Uncle John likes to challenge the boys and they loved to try to take him on, racing all over the equipment and jumping on him like little monkeys.

Another day the whole group of us went to the Children's Museum of Houston. All five of the kids found different things to keep them busy in Kidtropolis. Luke liked being a veterinarian, Wyatt a food server, Jaxon a cashier at the grocery store, and Gina and Barbara liked to run around to the different ATMs, seeing how many paychecks they could enter. :)

Later we found another part of the Museum where we and the 5 kids did some crafts and more hands on experiments. After the museum we went to dinner. Things had been so busy, so it was nice to sit down and get to chat with my sister in law, Liz. The boys completely adored her and the girls, and they all were loving on the boys in return. I love that we all got along so well, and that love just flowed between the families.

The whole visit was fantastic, and I don't think there is a single thing I would have changed. We even got to introduce the boys to their cousin Gage, and catch up with some of Don's cousins, Aunt and Uncles in Texas. It was a much needed catch up with so much family, and we were all thankful for all of it.

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