Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Fire Drill

Monday through Thursday the kids have homework. Since they are a wreck when they get home after school, we have been doing homework after breakfast.

We have been caught up for the entire week, except half of Thursday's home. PRACTICE A FIRE DRILL WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Oh my Lord.

This sentence made my stomach drop. It could have been because Wyatt tends to over analyze things and still has anxiety about some random things. We have to keep doors open when he is on the other side of them(not the bathroom door, thank goodness!) but the front door for sure. And he won't buckle in the car until he knows we are out there, too. So adding stress of a possible fire wasn't something I wanted to add to his list.

I think my stomach dropped mostly because our fire alarm has been going off about 7 times a week -sometimes 5 times in a single night. What a pleasent way to wake up. Not to mention that makes the emergency concept not such an emergency when it is happening so often.

I decided just to talk about the basics with them. We will save the little ladder thing (we have one that hangs out their bedroom window to the floor) for when Don gets home this afternoon.

So I talked to them about checking the door to see if it is hot. We talked about not hiding from the fire, so the fireman can easily find you. We talked about if their door is hot, we will come to them through their window. We also talked about calling 911.

Jaxon corrected me here, telling me he knows the number to the Justice League and it is 11511. He said they are very far, but they will come quick.

So I let him know that in case they are running behind, to be prepared for the fire department.

Anyhow, I can understand how this may be a good idea for many families to practice this. But for my family, it just throws too many ideas out in the open. Makes me feel like my boys are socially behind. Does anyone else worry about showing their kids an escape route from their house because they are worried about their kids attempting it on their own? Or about their kids dialling 11511 for the Justice League instead of 911 for the actual human help?

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