Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Posse

When the boys were born -and after they came home from their stay at the hospital, life changed. Obviously any parent that comes home with a baby for the first time feels like they have been dropped into the "Unknown Zone". I had an overwhelming feeling each week bringing a new baby home that the hospital really should write directions.

We felt our way around, but still knew we were just surviving, not really making any headway. At the end of the evening we were high-fiving that we made it through the day, but we were pretty sure there had to be easier methods to the madness. We had advice from many, but not anyone who really understood the logistics of THREE infants at once. That is where my web sleuthing came in and we found Triplet Connection.

Through Triplet Connection, I was able to meet some other local moms of triplets. People who didn't feel the need to ask me about how we conceived our kids, or look at me like I was a freak because I had a mile long stroller. We didn't have to worry about other triplet mom friends feeling that we were trying to "out do" them because our litter of kids commanded a bit more attention than a cute bow on their single baby's head.

I came into a group of friends already formed, and more have continued to join or go as they have pleased. I am so thankful for my friends who listen to the crazy times while not judging, but laughing because they have been there in one form or another -or laughing because they know that day is coming for them as well. These moms are all great, and their kids are pretty adorable as well.

I love the posse and support that comes from these other Moms of Multiples, and the fun my children have with theirs.

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