Thursday, July 07, 2011

3 New Things

Today was a busy summer day, with three new things.
First, at swim lessons, Wyatt got to join his brothers in Level 3! The boys were all thrilled and swimming lessons quickly took the back seat to what Luke correctly described as "this is like a freakin party!" It was amazing how the dynamics of the boys changed once all three were put in the same class. Makes me realize separate classes for all three is the right choice for them for first grade.

Second, at the fun pool with Michael and Cathryn (Mrs Andi and the girls, too) the kids all decided they wanted to try the diving boards. Luke had done it before at the end of last sessions swim lessons, but it was new to Wyatt and Jaxon. Jax walked right up to the diving boards and decided he was going for the big one (big as a house, he says). We made him do the shorter one to be sure, but he got out determined to do the big board. I think Mike may have been a bit nervous himself, but Jax dragged him to the big diving board and jumped. He walked right to the edge, plugged his nose and covered his eyes, and JUMPED.
Then he did it again and again. Jaxon's passion and love for life constantly amazes and amuses me. The smile on his face when he comes up from the water just makes me smile from the inside out.

Last, is something not so fun, but it is growth all the same. Lucas wanted a shower tonight so we told him to go take one- and he did. This is the first time any of them have shown any interest in their own shower, or doing it all themselves. Luke is generally the first to try something, and he likes to master whatever it is that he is doing. Such a quick learner, that one.

Don worked at 12 1/2 hour day today and by the time he got home it was almost 8 pm. When he got home, the boys all danced around playing their guitars while wearing disguises ranging from a bumble bee head to batmans mask with a cowboy hat on (while wearing only underwear and a super hero cape).

Just the norm for us.