Friday, September 29, 2006

Video Time

I was able to catch them playing, but not so many giggles. You see all 3 going in and out of their "hide out" area.

Here is one of Wyatt being sassy. At least he laughs at himself...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So Happy Together

I have noticed that lately the boys are playing more together. They have always noticed each other and done things together, but it has been taken to a new level now that they are all walking full time. The other day I moved our living room couch so they can all see out the window at the same time. They have turned the little area behind the couch into their new peek a boo area. One will go back and peek out every once in a while, if he happens to catch either brothers eye, he will run back to the window, then look back to be sure he is being followed. Then 2 of them are back there, doing who knows what, all I hear are giggles, LOTS of giggles. Then one will come racing out as fast as their legs will carry them with the other not too far behind. They have now begun a game of chase. It is the sweetest thing to see them playing together like this., I can't help but laugh when I hear this going on. I am going to try really hard to tape this tomorrow. Very discreetly. If they see the video camera they will stop in their tracks and quit playing. Stinkers...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gilcrease Orchard

Recently I have decided to join the Mothers of Multiples group in Las Vegas. I hadn't really thought much about it until recently, now that the kids are older and I don't feel guilty to leave for a few hours at a time.
Guilty for leaving them and guilty for handing all three over to Don or whomever else. It can be a handful at times, but they are much easier to manage for the most part now. Maybe it's all the practice we've had, who knows? Anyhow, this is a group for moms of twins or more that all can relate what it is like having more than one newborn screaming to be fed at the same time, or the dilemma of to buy or not to buy multiple items (clothes, toys, high chairs, etc) or even just to have someone understand how a simple diaper change can get out of hand. The first meeting I attended was last week and I found out they were having an outside event this weekend. It was a trip to Gilcrease Orchard. I was orchard in Las Vegas, seriously? In my head I picture an orchard to be lush and full of foliage, autumn colors everywhere. Definitely not pictured amongst the desert out here. So we were hooked and wanted to go check it out. The orchard was about a 40 minute drive from our house, all the way north on the freeway to where a
place I never knew existed, but later found out Don's family used to go when they first moved out here.
The kids stayed in the stroller at first while we went searching for ripe tomatoes, egg plants, squash and zucchini. When we decided we had picked enough vegetables, we figured we'd let the boys roam around. I think this was one of the first times we had let them out in an unconfined area while they were mobile enough to enjoy it. Wyatt was all over the place with this defiant "you can't catch me" gleam in his eye. Jaxon was having a hard time walking on the uneven ground decided it would be fun enough to explore the dirt and eat a few sticks. Luke was content hanging out close by, trying to carry some over the giant produce his dad had picked out. Over by the apple trees, Don gave them each a small apple and they loved it! They immediately started eating it. We just waited until they were done, then let them explore a bit more. It was nice not to have to chase after them and let them wander a bit. The whole experience was a beautiful way to start the day.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Forks R Us!

After thinking about it for way too long, we finally have begun using forks with the kids. I have been delaying this as much as possible with visions now when I feel they can fully understand, instead of trying to teach them before they are able to "get it" and then set ourselves (or just myself) up for the frustration. So for the past few days I have been trying to remember to put out the forks at every meal, as well as eat my salad with them at lunch so they could watch me also using a fork. The boys seem to get a kick out of the forks. Even though they "accidentally" drop their cups at least twice during the meal, somehow the forks manage to stay on their trays until the last few minutes. In these pictures we were giving them rice on their forks. They would pick the forks right up and bring them straight to their mouths stretched open like little birds. More, more, more! They couldn't do it enough. They were actually handing us their forks . Any other time we have tried to remove the forks from their hands, they would scream and hold it with a death grip. But not tonight, they we all about more rice on the forks. We can tell they are proud of themselves by the sly little smiles on their faces. Next we will have to tackle plates and bowls! Ahhh...maybe not this week.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A New Park

We took another trip to a park. It's a park I have taken to the kids before on a couple play dates, but Don hasn't been there because he is at work during these play dates. It has been over a month since we have been there, so it was like a brand new park to the boys. They are still trying to crawl up the slide, but finally figured out they can climb up the stairs to it, too. I had a bit of panic when I did a quick head count and saw one was up around the top of the slide area. It is exciting to see them in action and learning what the other "big

kids" are doing. They'll watch quietly, and then give it a try. It is amazing the amount of determination they have at such a young age!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Feeding Lucas

Looking at my pictures today, I realized that Lucas likes to play with his food. One case in point -the picture above(yes, that is corn on his ear)- I believe he was trying to hide his corn to make us think he had eaten all his veggies and wanted to move on to the "good" food. Sometimes food goes on his head, other times he'll hide food on his chair (below the table) again in an attempt to get to the goodies. Food on his chair is always a surprise because I don't usually notice until after they are done eating, all washed up, and I am lifting him out. Then attached to his butt or leg is about 20 pieces of food. I brush it off his pants, only to have most of it end up on the floor. Not to worry though, more food for the dogs. One of our favorite things to see when we are rushing around, making sure everyone has food on the tray and juice in their cups is Luke putting his food up on his head. Or better yet, rubbing pineapples in his hair! Seriously, this kid is so lucky he's cute enough that we still (usually) think this is endearing. All three boys love pasta. Any shape of form, they just can't get enough of it. I like to buy them the Fiori tri colored ones. Luke eats them by poking his finger through one of the holes and lifting it into his mouth. I had to get a picture of this to remind me later how his fingers are so small right now, they actually fit perfectly into the little holes in the noodle. I love that this is just another thing that helps make them unique of one another.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just a'swinging

Last night Don came home from work in a rush. He had taken a detour on his way home because the traffic was so bad on the freeway. On this detour, he passed a newly built park not too far away.
We quickly fed the kids, put on their socks and shoes, and drove there just as the sun was getting ready to set. The park was great! It is done up in an old western theme. Hense the name, Western Trails Park. There is a huge windmill built on one corner, and all the picnic tables have their own areas covered by big arched wagon tents. There is even a little fire pit with stairs around it, like an old campfire set up. The bathrooms have a storefront facade, and the play area is huge! It is for older kids, but it is awesome! The park has a huge grass area (this is rare in Las Vegas) and two baby swings. Since we have three babies, and there was only two swings, we doubled up on a swing with both Jaxon and Wyatt inside.
After the swings we headed to the grassy area & let the boys run free. It was so neat to just watch them run off -on two feet- in their own directions. It's yet another reminder that each day these guys are growing up a little bit more.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

High Cholesterol

Well, after my "something is going to happen to Don" feelings earlier this month, I made Don go to the Doctors and get blood tests done. He went for the follow up appointment today. His cholesterol is 230! She said no more meats, no cheese and no fat! She also told him he needs more cardio, but the man is doing cardio at least 5-6 hours 5 days a week. How would another half hour make a difference? Now I am looking for any good tips or links to ideas for food that he can eat now. We are not big fish lovers, but are aware we need to rethink and retry fish.
Hopefully, this is a huge wake up call for us. I am thinking I should get to the Doctors soon and get my blood run,too. Don is way healthier than I am, so I am not looking forward to hearing how unhealthy I am, but then this is the best time to get this fixed. Not when the boys are addicted to bad foods. We hopefully will start them off the right way.
Come on Michele, I know you have lots of help for me.....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Our 7th Anniversary

Saturday night was our 7th anniversary. We had a beautiful day, started out by going out to breakfast with some friends. When we got home, there had been a delivery of BEAUTIFUL flowers to the house. They are in a stainless steel and copper vase (which Don said he had to search high and low to get a copper vase). Copper is part of the 7th year traditional gifts. How thoughtful is that? My parents showed up to babysit, for the first time ever. We are just getting to the point that we feel comfortable with not being with the kids every second of every day, and my mom jumped at the opportunity. We were pleasantly surprised my dad came, too. He is usually doing work related things and doesn't see the kids much, so this was a good opportunity for all of them to bond without Don and myself under foot. We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Trumpets. Our reservations were at a table right next to one of the windows, and were timed for the view just as the sun was setting. The food was fabulous, and the waiters were very discreet and meticulous. There was a wedding taking place out on the lawn, and it made me feel sentimental to see a couple starting their lives together on the same day Don and I had.
We had planned on going to a movie afterwards, but dinner took less time than we thought it would, and the movies didn't start for over and hour. So after debating what to do with all this time, we decided to rent some movies and head home. I think it was our best anniversary yet. The whole day was wonderful, the kids were great, the weather was perfect, and life is good.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

This weeks videos

Luke deciding if he really wants to share his toy with Jaxon.

Wyatt putting the blocks together. Has he memorized the colors, or is he just that good?

I have to say this is my favorite one today. I just love being able to get Jaxon to giggle like this.

Shirts made by Nana

It is our 7th anniversary today! Since it is a family day and all, we thought it would cute for Don and the boys to wear the shirts he had gotten for Father's day. They wore them out to breakfast this morning, where we met some friends at the GVR buffet. Our friends hadn't seen the boys in months, and couldn't believe how big they had gotten. The boys ate melons, bananas, french toast, sausage, and shared an omelet with me. They are hungry little men! Afterwards we took a walk to The District and checked out the stores. It was really ideal. Not many people were out yet, and the ones that wanted to chat to the boys or about the boys were totally non-intrusive. One little girl a few months older just kept walking past them, really close by. She would peek at each one close up and just smile. Never peeped a sound, but she was adorable. After that we headed home. We let the boys stretch their legs a bit and get rid of some energy before we put them down for their first nap of the day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Quick Update

These are some new pictures from tonight. I know I haven't given a decent update lately, but all is well, kids are wonderful, and Don is great. Regarding my last post, I have tried to rely on my mom's advice that it is about just an evil trick, and I do feel better about everything. We have had some great family nights lately, the kids just all just being busy and Luke and Wyatt walking all over the living room and Jaxon is almost a full time walker. He loves the accomplished feeling he gets when he walks somewhere, it is written all over his face in a huge smile. Wyatt like to walk to us, too. He loves the reaction we give Jax when he makes it, and Wyatt wants a piece of it, too. Luke is funny, still coming out of his shell. He is so loving to his brothers. If one of them get food or drink taken away (because I see it flying across the kitchen) Luke will share his piece by piece until they get theirs back. Or if he thinks they want something (like a toy or milk cup) he will just bring it right over to them.

Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crocodile tears

I am sure many of you have already heard, Steve Irwin, Crocodile Man has died. A stingray barb went to his chest, and ended up killing him. Here is the news story.

The timing of this news story is crazy for me. I have had a sort of premonition the other night that has left me a bit unnerved. Ever since the babies were born, I have a hard time unwinding most nights and it can take me up to an hour to fall asleep. I was laying in bed, probably about midnightish, Wednesday night just trying to clear my mind. In the midst of just drifting off to sleep, I had a horrible premonition that just about sent me into a panic attack. In my head- out of nowhere- the thought appeared that my husband is going to die on September 27th.

It is impossible for me to look at that on the screen without my heart going crazy and I feel like I cannot breathe.

All the sudden a million thoughts came into my mind... we have no wills, barely any life insurance, and needless to say, absolutely no plan of action should something happen to one of us. Let alone what would I do without him? After freaking out for what seemed like forever, I went to sleep, hoping I could forget about it by the morning.
I woke up in the morning and I can honestly say I remembered my premonition within 5 seconds of my brain turning back on. My eyes weren't even opened. It is now Sunday night, and I am still very uneasy over all this. The most bothersome thing is that I just can not seem to shake it.

So the only thing I can do is put it out here. Make it lose some of it's "power" by writing it and seeing how ridiculous it sounds in real life. Instead of a secret fear, I am trying to "free it" in the hopes of it going away. I have talked to Don about it, too. (Imagine how you can approach that one to your loved ones) He seemed nonplussed by it initially, but I can tell it bothers him a bit more as time goes by. I have talked him into getting some blood work done, and he called his disability insurance to see if he can get the regular insurance amount raised. Which means he hears me, and he is being cautious for me.

Tonight I was just watching everything he does, and I couldn't possibly imagine raising these three boys without him in our lives. I could never rough house with them like he does. Or allow them to take the brave little chances they do. Who would I share all the laughs about the cute little things the babies do? Who would put them to bed with me, or check on them late at night? No way. I need to shake this off NOW.

So, if anyone has any tips, words of encouragement, or prayers, this is a great time for you to help me out. Tell me how having kids did crazy things to your mind too, or something you thought for sure would happen, but turned out to be something different. The wise words from my mom about this are, "pray for heavenly guidance and strength. Sometimes Satan just likes to fool us through fear, I think. Satan and insurance men". Well said, Mom.