Monday, September 11, 2006

Our 7th Anniversary

Saturday night was our 7th anniversary. We had a beautiful day, started out by going out to breakfast with some friends. When we got home, there had been a delivery of BEAUTIFUL flowers to the house. They are in a stainless steel and copper vase (which Don said he had to search high and low to get a copper vase). Copper is part of the 7th year traditional gifts. How thoughtful is that? My parents showed up to babysit, for the first time ever. We are just getting to the point that we feel comfortable with not being with the kids every second of every day, and my mom jumped at the opportunity. We were pleasantly surprised my dad came, too. He is usually doing work related things and doesn't see the kids much, so this was a good opportunity for all of them to bond without Don and myself under foot. We decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Trumpets. Our reservations were at a table right next to one of the windows, and were timed for the view just as the sun was setting. The food was fabulous, and the waiters were very discreet and meticulous. There was a wedding taking place out on the lawn, and it made me feel sentimental to see a couple starting their lives together on the same day Don and I had.
We had planned on going to a movie afterwards, but dinner took less time than we thought it would, and the movies didn't start for over and hour. So after debating what to do with all this time, we decided to rent some movies and head home. I think it was our best anniversary yet. The whole day was wonderful, the kids were great, the weather was perfect, and life is good.


Michele S said...

What a wonderful day! I really enjoyed reading about it. I didn't feel comfortable leaving mine until about this age either. I only finally got over it when I went to the hospital to have Austin! LOL!

May you have many, many, many happy more years together.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

Happy Anniversary! And congrats on having a night out, to yourselves!!

Life IS good - and those are beautiful flowers in a beautiful vase!!