Saturday, September 23, 2006

Forks R Us!

After thinking about it for way too long, we finally have begun using forks with the kids. I have been delaying this as much as possible with visions now when I feel they can fully understand, instead of trying to teach them before they are able to "get it" and then set ourselves (or just myself) up for the frustration. So for the past few days I have been trying to remember to put out the forks at every meal, as well as eat my salad with them at lunch so they could watch me also using a fork. The boys seem to get a kick out of the forks. Even though they "accidentally" drop their cups at least twice during the meal, somehow the forks manage to stay on their trays until the last few minutes. In these pictures we were giving them rice on their forks. They would pick the forks right up and bring them straight to their mouths stretched open like little birds. More, more, more! They couldn't do it enough. They were actually handing us their forks . Any other time we have tried to remove the forks from their hands, they would scream and hold it with a death grip. But not tonight, they we all about more rice on the forks. We can tell they are proud of themselves by the sly little smiles on their faces. Next we will have to tackle plates and bowls! Ahhh...maybe not this week.

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Wendi said...

They are getting to be SUCH big boys!!!!