Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just a'swinging

Last night Don came home from work in a rush. He had taken a detour on his way home because the traffic was so bad on the freeway. On this detour, he passed a newly built park not too far away.
We quickly fed the kids, put on their socks and shoes, and drove there just as the sun was getting ready to set. The park was great! It is done up in an old western theme. Hense the name, Western Trails Park. There is a huge windmill built on one corner, and all the picnic tables have their own areas covered by big arched wagon tents. There is even a little fire pit with stairs around it, like an old campfire set up. The bathrooms have a storefront facade, and the play area is huge! It is for older kids, but it is awesome! The park has a huge grass area (this is rare in Las Vegas) and two baby swings. Since we have three babies, and there was only two swings, we doubled up on a swing with both Jaxon and Wyatt inside.
After the swings we headed to the grassy area & let the boys run free. It was so neat to just watch them run off -on two feet- in their own directions. It's yet another reminder that each day these guys are growing up a little bit more.


Nana said...

I see these photos and want to cry! Even after seeing them at least twice a week, they look so BIG and INDEPENDANT!!

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

We use to do 2 to a swing, also. It seems wherever we go - they always only have 2 baby swings - - which NEVER works with 3 babies. Now a days - they are highly cramped in a baby swing when we double them up ... and just recently, they've started to prefer the "big" swings. *SOB*!!!

Enjoy them - - it goes fast!

Michele S said...

That sounds like such a neat park! Too bad it's so far away. That is exactly how we used to swing our trio!

Wendi said...

They look like they were having SO much FUN!!!!

Teresa said...

They look like they're having such a good time. I don't know how your boys share a swing. If mine so much as touch, there's usually a fight!

Again, they're sooo adorable!