Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Quick Update

These are some new pictures from tonight. I know I haven't given a decent update lately, but all is well, kids are wonderful, and Don is great. Regarding my last post, I have tried to rely on my mom's advice that it is about just an evil trick, and I do feel better about everything. We have had some great family nights lately, the kids just all just being busy and Luke and Wyatt walking all over the living room and Jaxon is almost a full time walker. He loves the accomplished feeling he gets when he walks somewhere, it is written all over his face in a huge smile. Wyatt like to walk to us, too. He loves the reaction we give Jax when he makes it, and Wyatt wants a piece of it, too. Luke is funny, still coming out of his shell. He is so loving to his brothers. If one of them get food or drink taken away (because I see it flying across the kitchen) Luke will share his piece by piece until they get theirs back. Or if he thinks they want something (like a toy or milk cup) he will just bring it right over to them.

Enjoy the pictures!


Teresa said...

Glad to hear everything is fine! You can't live your life in a state of worry! You just have to be prepared and put your faith in God's hands.

You have a beautiful family! Keep your head up!

Cute, Cute pictures!!!!

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

These are adorable pictures. You have such a beautiful family ... enjoy those babies!!!

Michele S said...


What a scary, scary thought. We've got no wills or life insurance over here either. I haven't posted this on my blog, but Greg came to me Monday night and said he's been having severe chest pain. When I asked him for how long, he said TWO YEARS. TWO YEARS and he's never said anything.

Through some major wheeling and dealing I got him in to a cardiologist yesterday, and his EKG is abnormal, so they are going to do a stress test and dye test because he's probably got a blockage. This has all taken a major toll on me mentally because I've had to seriously think about what I would do with these four kids by myself. I have never once thought about it until now.

I'm sure your premonition was just a bad thought, nothing more, but Saran Wrap his butt on the 27th and don't let him leave the house, LOL! You and I need to SERIOUSLY get our paperwork in order, as in wills. What if we both died? Who would take all four kids? Stuff like that. Maybe there's a reason you had this thought, to put into action this very necessary business.

Michele S said...

P. S. Triplet mom dinner is tonight! Also, are the boys still doing two naps? It's almost cool enough to start some major playdates again.