Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Go to sleep BOYS!

Toddler bed transition is still a work in progress. Much better than it was and I absolutely love when the boys come to my bed in the morning. They all love the phrase "good morning!" and say it in the morning or when they wake up from their naps.

Playing in their room when the lights are out has almost stopped. They have even gone straight to sleep a few times the past few days, so I am hoping the novelty of freedom has worn off. I do really miss cuddling the boys in my arms before they go to sleep though. They are so low to the ground it is hard just to kiss their cheeks, let alone cuddle them. I will have to figure something out, because I am just not ready to let that cuddle time go.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cough Cough

Coughing, sneezing, sore throats, nebulizers. Too many Doctor appointments and after hours phone calls to the Doctor. The boys "cake" transitioning to big boys beds was a bust. Sick kids who are able to get out of their own beds equals kids who love to climb into their parents bed. Then drive the parents crazy by moving, talking, poking, -or a new one added to the list last night- biting them.

The boys go to bed between 8 and 9 pm. They are fine for a while, but about 10ish, they start coming out and it is rotating kids out until as late as 1:30am. It does not help that they are sick and we think their room is too hot, so we are waking them while giving them medicine or trying to keep the room cooler by opening the doors. They have been waking earlier and earlier every day. Today was about 7ish. Which is not bad, I know. But this Momma is not a morning Momma, although it is nice waking up with the little people in bed with me.

So sick sick sick is all I have worth updating about. Not very exciting or pleasant, but it is life at our house this past week.

Vacation is only 9 days away. Whoo hoo!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bit of Don

Don is such a cool Dad. He lets the kids do things that I think is taboo. Like move their outside chairs into the house and play with crayons. Unsupervised. In the living room. And doesn't mind if one of them "tags" another one's back with fore mentioned crayons.

He loves to have little parades around our living area like he is Peter Piper of the house. All four of them will have their own instruments (drum, recorder, harmonicas, etc) and just follow each other around until one of them has had enough and just starts cheering to signal the song is over.

His energy is endless and his sense of humor is perfect for dealing with the day to day antics these boys have. Walking through the living room with children attacking his legs -no problem. Dealing with a two year old picking up your shirt and trying to give you raspberries -no problem. Having the past four nights of sleep disturbed by Wyatt crawling in to our bed at 3 am only to touch, pull and kick all over Don's body -no problem! Then he is off to work and ready to do it all again the next day.

Don works outside 5 days a week. Even when the weather is over 100 degrees for 3 months in a row during summer time, he is outside. Wearing long sleeved button up shirts, khaki pants, steel toed boots and his straw hat, he is outside at least 6 hours a day in those temperatures. To help him stay hydrated, he brings to work a 2 gallon cooler of water and a few Gatorade's each day. This adds up, so we try to find Gatorade on sale. For a penny pinching man like Don, we don't pay a whole dollar for a 32 oz of Gatorade when it is usually on sale, we wait until it is really on sale once or twice a year and stock up when it is only 50 cents or so. This is most of the Gatorade Don bought last week when Smith's was running their deal.

I couldn't possibly imagine a better Dad for the boys. He is so hands on with them all the time. Don encourages them to climb at the play ground and helps them climb up to the kitchen counter to "help" him make brownies.

He is a super husband, taking on so much around the house. He helps with the laundry and dishes and rarely gives me a hard time (anymore) when I find something to add on the "Honey-do" list. He is handy on the cars and around the house, I can't think of any time we had to hire out for something other than concrete work.

I guess to sum it all up, My Husband ROCKS. I love you, Don!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Big Boy Beds day 2

This is CAKE. I was all stressed, hearing about how the kids will abandon naps for weeks when we switch beds. Besides having a few visitors in our bed last night (at least they came in quietly, lol) they slept well all the way until 8 this morning. At 8ish, I went in and greeted them thinking maybe if I go in before they want to come out, they will stay in their beds until we come to get them. Seems to be working so far.

Today at nap time Jaxon was having a hoot kicking the closet doors from his bed, so he ended up in the crib in the guest room. Obviously, he was ticked, but I think having him and Wyatt getting a feel for the consequence of not following the "rules" have helped and hopefully will keep them in their new beds for good.

Jaxon is not feeling so great today though. A bit of coughing, ear tugging and a bit of a fever early in the day. Don bought some ear drops after we were wondering if he had water in his ears from the swim lessons. Hopefully with a bit of Motrin and ear drops he will feel better and be able to enjoy the weekend ahead.

On unrelated news....
I got my camera back today! Fed Ex dropped it off this morning and I am thrilled to have it home again. It is obviously in working order and can't wait to play with it more this weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Boy Beds Night One

After staying up very late (9:30 instead of the usual 8pm) because of a late dinner followed by attaching furniture straps to their armoire, the boys laid down in their big boy beds for the night. I really think Wyatt and Jaxon don't like it. Wyatt has always slept in a corner of his crib, even with one or both legs bent up the wall of the crib. Jaxon is just uncomfortable. I think they both are freaked out by it being so unconfined. Lucas on the other hand is a little pro. He lays right down in bed and has his blanket and thumb and is good to go, but he has always been an easy sleeper.

But tonight the boys were so tired, they just fell straight to sleep after about 5-10 minutes of playing around. No jumping or hide and go seek. After an hour of quiet, Don went to check on them. He came back talking about how weird it was to see them in open beds and that they are growing up so fast. Too fast. I think so, too.

Big Boy Beds

2:06 pm
Holy Cow! I just walked out of the boys room (an hour later than usual) from putting them down for nap.

What is the big deal you ask? The big deal is that they are in their new toddler beds! No cribs or crib tents and I think the boys are more nervous than I am! Jaxon is crying half because he is over tired and half because he is scared of all the freedom. Lucas is calm as can be, singing his ABC's. And Wyatt is quiet, but I think he will follow whatever everybody else thinks on it.

I stayed in for about 10 minutes, rubbing backs and then after repeating the "rules" of the big boys beds, gave them a kiss and walked out. Jaxon started crying again, but it has only been 2 minutes and he is laughing already. I heard a "boom boom" (probably the closet door) and then someone quietly requested "mowe".

As I am writing this, I heard some noises (aside from the usual giggling) and went to investigate. Jaxon and Wyatt were standing at the top of Jaxon's bed. Even though Luke's bed is in between them.

In the days of before I had children, thinking I knew how I would maturely and patiently handle any situation under the sun, I would patiently go in and lay the children back in bed. Over and over again with out getting upset or irritated. This is what I thought I would do before I had triplets. Or even before I had Wyatt.

Wyatt is quite the instigator. If they are doing something they shouldn't be doing and I warn them, Wyatt laughs (not AT me) but to Jaxon or Lucas -while I am still talking to them about it. If we are in the car and Jaxon is yelling super loud, I will turn around and tell Jax he needs to quiet down. Even though I am not even talking to Wyatt, Wyatt will chuckle.

So when I walked in there and put them back in their beds, I did it with the warning of "if I have to come back in here...". Luckily, no chuckles from either one. I am sure naps are done with for a while, but (Sorry Cathy!) I have no intention of letting the boys be done with them. They absolutely still need their nap, even if it is a half hour less than it used to be. We still have a solid 2 hour nap daily, sometimes 3 hours.

They are still laughing and having a good time, and it has been 40 minutes. I hear what sounds like jumping, so I need to go in and investigate.

I just quietly walked in to see them both sitting up in their beds. Not a big deal and at least they were in their own beds! They both silently scootched down to a laying down and covered their bodies. Luke seems to be sleeping.

Don is home and asking how it is going and I am hearing major boom sounds coming from within. My patience is getting thin, but luckily Don is home to help me decide what needs to be done.

After walking in to their room and seeing Wyatt and Jaxon playing hide and seek behind the closet door, I quickly and quietly moved Wyatt into the guest room. I didn't yell or pop his toosh. Kept it all business like and he is not happy -screaming like a very angry banshee. Never heard this kind of anger out of him. How dare I move him out of the party room with all the freedom! Now I hear him saying "boogie?" hoping I will come in there and wipe his face.

Not very surprisingly, I have not heard a peep out of Jaxon.

Hopefully bed time will be easier tonight.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Swim Lessons

Today we are going to the boys second swim lesson. They are only twice a week for two weeks, but it is a nice start before we go to California next month. On Monday they pretty much acted as we expected them too. Lucas held on for dear life, Jax was slashing Nana and Wyatt just chattered his little teeth while holding on to Don. At the end of the half hour, thankfully Lucas was much more comfortable in the water, especially loving to throw a toy duck and then kick to it while I held his hips and chest up. The boys all did great and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

After class we were loading everyone up in the car and talking to the boys about their lesson. As we drove out of the parking lot we asked the boys "did you guys have fun?"

Wyatt and Jaxon repeated us and said "fuuun". Lucas said "no".

Thinking we misunderstood him, we asked again and got the same answer. Ah, I guess we will see how it goes today. Maybe it will be more "fun" for Luke.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

County Fair, Take 3

It is that time of year again. Clark County Fair. So far it is the only tradition we have, so to keep with it, we headed out Friday morning. With no dvd player in the car this time, the boys were a bit loud and out of control at times, but we all got there in one piece.

It was full of it's usual fun for the kids, lots of animals to see, lots of food to eat and better than the tattoos the first year and straw hats the second year, we came home with some bigger and better cowboy hats.

We rented a wagon for two, ate real fair food, and saw trained monkeys. The fair also had a kids area where little stations were set up for the kids to enjoy. Riding bikes, drawing, building blocks were all fun, but the real fun was the wind chime display where the boys could play and be as loud as they wanted to be.

About 3:30 we called it a day and started heading home. The boys were exhausted and we have been paying the price all weekend for going even a little off schedule, but it is worth it. We had another great year at the fair with many more memories made.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I called Canon today to find out what the estimate of the camera damages will be. The lovely lady on the other end told me they haven't yet opened it, but have a flat rate of $180(!) to fix the camera, no matter what the problem is. This $180 also includes a 6 month warranty and they are charging an extra $15 to send it back. Or they will send it back without fixing it for free. Go figure.

After I got upset that no one had told me about the flat rate fixing fee (why was I waiting for an estimate?) and the sneakiness of making me spend money to send it there insured and packaging it up ($30!) when I didn't need to send it to get an estimate, I nicely let her off the phone and called Don. Then I figured out that they make you mail in the camera before you get the estimate otherwise they know smart consumers would've brought their camera to a camera shop here in town where they would only pay for what was wrong, not a "flat fee" fixing rate. In addition to $45 in combined shipping charges.

I am upset that they were being tricky. I feel that if I request my camera back, it will somehow end up more damaged more than what it was when I sent it out. (Can you tell I don't send my food back in a restaurant either?) So in order to get my camera back, we need to cough up almost $200, or forfeit the $30 that we already spent.

They may as well just emailed me this, I'd feel the same way...

Monday, April 07, 2008

Out of the Closet

My camera is now in the hands of a (hopefully) capable Canon tech. We sent it UPS out to their center in Irvine. Nervously I wait for the news letting us decide if we are going to deem it worth fixing or just cry because I will have a crap camera on our vacation come May.

I have been using the camera Don found on his route and while not they aren't clear and pretty pictures, it is at least able to document the going ons around here.

Another one of Don's "treasures" from work, a new play house! A customer knows about the boys and had thought they might enjoy a little house to play in. And of course they do. Except when Jaxon took a tumble after not being able to hold on to the roof that he had just climbed on. Yup. I can only hope he learned from that experience. Or not....

Yesterday, the boys and I were tinkering around upstairs. They were running around -loudly- but content. I was brushing my teeth, getting dressed and putting on my make up, coming out to check on them every now and then. Once I walked out of my bedroom door, looked to the side and saw this.

Before I about peed in my pants, I saw the wonderful scrapbook opportunity and quietly grabbed the camera. Quietly because I didn't want to startle him and also because truthfully, I wanted that picture. After I was spotted, he flashed me a huge proud of himself grin.

Once his brothers saw that this was fun stuff and Jax was being encouraged to do it, it was time for monkey do. Of course (once I got my pictures) I made it clear to the boys that we do not climb in the house any more. And in a desperate attempt to get them to forget the closet, I invited them to jump on Mommy's bed while I finished getting ready.

Something old, Something new

Spring has hit and we have been outside a lot. Saturday morning we had an impromptu garage sale with a friend Michele. They have a huge driveway and live in a great area for a garage sale so we kind of invited ourselves to join in the fun. Don headed over at the crack of dawn and I brought the boys once they woke up.

Lots of playing, laughing and over $400 later, it was time to bring to kids home and put them down for a nap. Don and I took our newly earned money and had a night out on the town. After googling for patio dining in Las Vegas we came up with a few and finally decided on Maggianos. HOLY cow this place is awesome! Definitely our new favorite place. Patio dining is really dining outside of the Fashion Show mall, overlooking the strip (sirens and motorcycles included) but it was nice and the noise helped keep it real. :) The food was delicious and the prices were really reasonable.

Home Depot was having a paint sale this weekend so we used more of the garage sale money towards primer, paint and glaze. I need to get on the quilts and figure out what exactly is the look I am going for.

Yesterday after the boys woke up from their naps we started taking apart the cribs to move them into the guest room during the painting. Before we accomplished too much, we remembered to take a before picture. The boys loved helping Don reassemble the cribs in the guest room and we are pleased that it has been a very easy transition for them. But after being up until almost midnight last night, I will be thankful when the painting is done!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Recovered and Rambling

The meanest headache I have ever had hit me on the head last night with a big stick. For the first time ever, light and noise were my enemy. After dinner Don took care of the kids while I took a long, hot, dark bath and shower followed by laying down in my dark room, listening to the kids screaming downstairs. Luke was freaking out because we have given them the rights to wander upstairs and he was not ready for those earned rights to be taken away.

So after three little bodies joined me in bed, Don laid down with us and we were trying to keep the kids quiet and still (!). So we all began singing songs. Twinkle Twinkle, the ABC's and Moon moon moon. It is so odd how before we had kids, the only time I EVER heard Don sing was when he belted out "Amarillo by Morning" at a karaoke night while we were camping in Ventura. Now he is all for hanging out with the family and singing nursery rhymes. How cool is that?

I finally got up and helped Don put the boys to bed and crawled back into bed. My head was still hurting this am before Don left for work, but I fell back asleep and thankfully woke up head ache free. I am so thankful that headaches don't regularly plague me. And I feel for those people who they generally do.

Jax has somehow figured out my name is Laura. I don't respond to it at all when I hear the words come out his mouth. Don't get me wrong, it is the cutest way I have ever heard my name said -the way it just rolls off his tongue- but he has been calling Don by his first name for over 5 months now, and the cuteness has worn off in Don's opinion. At least 10 times a day we correct him when he says "Thanks Don!"

Luke has begun to use our phrases when he talks, and I love hearing him say things. After Reagan stopped crying the other day, he patted her back and asked if she was "all better". When we ask him the where abouts of a certain toy, he will say it is "white dare" or "over dare!" We have begun using the timer to take turns. The same timer that I use to time dinner cooking. The last three nights when the timer goes off, Luke asks "Wy-wy's turn now?" -even though there is no toy in question. He sings all the time. If there is no song in his head, he makes one up. "Yell-ow car, yell-ow car" was sang for at least 7 minutes the other day on the way to Costco. When his brothers tried to join in, they were told "No, U-key do!" Eventually he let them join in with him, but he is such a little man and he really keeps his eyes open about what is going on around him.

Wyatt has been a bit defiant. Not in an obvious way, but in an ignoring us "he can't hear us" way. Somewhere along the way he has stopped bringing his plate up to the sink after eating every meal and continuously brings his sand ridden Caterpillar trucks into the house even though he has been told dozens of times (in the past hour) that they are outside toys. He has a great game face, but he can only hold it so long before he starts laughing.

Aunt Leigha came by the other day before she got her nails done. The boys ran around, calling her name - trying to show her the sand box and toys they were playing with. Jax, Wyatt and Lucas loved making funny faces at her and would scream and laugh when she returned the faces to them. After hanging out with them in the cubby where Jax and Wyatt would try to make her laugh by jumping up and hitting their head on the ceiling, we called it a day and she helped me put the boys down for their nap.

So even though I have felt like nothing much has been going on, in retrospect there hasn't been many dull moments. Maybe I should force myself to blog more often :)