Sunday, April 15, 2007

County Fair

This weekend was the Clark County Fair in Logandale. We try to go every year and since we have the kids now, it has become something to look forward to. The fair is in a small town called Logandale over an hour away. The boys don't seem to do well in long car rides. Anything headed towards 45 minutes just gets louder as the minutes tick by. Hair gets pulled, screams get screamed, and heaven forbid anyone touches any one else.

Las Vegas has about 2 million people in it, but they have the county fair in a 2 lane town with no traffic lights! Last year we went to the fair on a Saturday and we got caught in about an hour of traffic for the 2 mile drive from the freeway exit to the fair. This year after taking care of some things in the early morning, we went on Friday. Going on Friday was the best thing we could've done. We made it in a hour drive total with no problems coming from the back seat. The boys are really into the Old Mac Donald DVD on the Baby Einsteins, constantly asking for "E-I-E-I-O?" so they were content to watch their videos on the DVD player.

Once we were in the fairgrounds, we went straight to the little farm animals. The boys had their first close up looks at cows, horses, pigs, goats, rabbits and roosters. All three of the boys were Cock-a-doodling right along with the roosters. Wanting them to have a closer look and get to pet the animals, I took each of them out of the wagon while Don would walk the other two around. Lucas would squat down close to them, but he didn't want to pet them. Jaxon would point and watch, but kept his distance- even acting shy and looking the other direction sometimes. Wyatt on the other hand thought the animals were great. He would laugh when he saw them and put his face against the bars so he could try to reach in and touch the different animals.

After visiting with the animals, it was lunch time. Don went with Jaxon and Luke to get some lunch while Wyatt and I looked for a sippy that someone had thrown out the wagon. After lunch, we checked out the fair booths and bought the boys little cowboy hats. Soon it was time to head back and get the boys down for their naps.

Here is a 10 second video of Lucas and Jaxon on the way home. Jaxon had fallen asleep and Lucas was nicely touching Jaxon's head. Just a sweet moment.

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Michele S said...

That is just a darling video! So glad you guys were able to get out and enjoy it. We've never done that yet. Maybe next year????