Friday, April 20, 2007

Double Trouble

Poor Jax is not feeling well. Yesterday I had to wake the kids at 4:45 (!) from their nap (usually they are up by 4). When I got to Jaxon, he was hot and clinging to me. He had a bit of a temperature and after we ran some errands and he showed no signs of shaking it off, I brought him to the 24 hour Dr's office. After the Dr was with us for a minute and a half, he diagnosed Jaxon with a double ear infection and sent us on our way. Off to CVS to go get his prescriptions filled and then we put the poor baby to bed.

Since he has been awake this morning, he has just wanted to be held. Wyatt and Lucas are thankfully keeping themselves busy and playing nicely (!) with each other. Jaxon is mostly laying on the kids foam pull out couch and every once in a while, Wyatt or Luke will come lay next to him, or come over when I am holding Jaxon to pat his back. When Jaxon was snoring a bit, Wyatt laid down and quietly growled, trying to imitate Jaxon's little snores.

Jaxon is eating, having raisin toast this morning and a fish stick and green beans for lunch, so thankfully his throat doesn't seem to be bothered much by his ears. The nurse told us he should be back to himself a bit more in a few days.

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Michele S said...

I sure hope he's feeling better now! It's scary when they are lethargic.