Friday, April 06, 2007

Table for 10

Tonight Cathy and her crew came over for dinner. It was totally an impromptu thing. She had called asking if we wanted to come to her house and let the kids play, but I had already had made dinner and it was cooking in the oven. So after thinking about how much food we had just for the five of us, it seems obvious to have them come over here instead.

The kids all had so much fun playing together! They were all in running inside and out back, playing in the little cars and sliding down the slide. Dinner was great, you would've never thought there were 6 toddlers all at the same table. They all ate their food and behaved pretty well, until the Grubb boys brought out their naughty side in a show of throwing food and forks across the table. That rounded up dinner, so back to playing they all went.

At about 8ish, the boys were getting noticeably tired and Cathy started packing up her boys. Wyatt was so sad to see his friends go, he just stood and cried with big tears falling down his little cheeks. Don and I took our boys out to Cathy's van so they could say good bye. Lucas kept trying to say good bye to everyone. It was a jumble of "bye-bye Noah-Matthew" bye-bye Leigha", but we could tell he was trying to get it all said. Jaxon flirted with Cathy, waving to her through her open window and giving her his big grin.

It was fun for all 10 of us. So much in fact, that we are going to do it again tomorrow night!

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Wendi said...

What a wonderful evening!!! Looks like everyone had a great time! :) How is Don feeling?