Tuesday, April 10, 2007


A nice Easter morning was planned. We were to meet up with my family (Mom, Dad, Gram Robinson and Leigha) at my moms church. After church, some family friends (Frank and Marsha)were going to meet us for brunch at Mimi's Cafe. It went as outlined, but not as planned.

Once we got to church and were seated in the back row, we had our little bag of goodies ready. Crackers, water, match box cars, books....you name it, we had it. Jaxon sat on his own seat and really listened, even swayed to the hymns. Wyatt sat on my lap for a few minutes and then decided he wanted his Nana. Lucas was just unsettled and wanted to wander, occasionally touching the people who were sitting in the chairs in front of us or climbing through chairs, scaring the bejeepers out of me. Finally Don and I decided it was not going to work. My Mom, Leigha, Don and I all took the boys out of church and let them wander in the church halls. After 10 minutes, they were still full of energy. It finally occurred to Don and I that since church started at 9:00, the boys hadn't gotten to walk around really at ALL and just needed to run off some energy.

With plans to meet with my family at Mimi's, we took the boys out to a nearby park. They couldn't run and climb fast enough. they were wizzing around, climbing up all the steps they could find. Jaxon even went down a HUGE slide three or four times. Don and I -dressed in our Easter gear- were climbing along with them, making sure no one would fall down the drop or trip down any stairs.

When they seemed a bit more settled, we tried to get a picture of them in their Easter outfits. Jaxon had other plans and wouldn't stay still, so we asked another parent there if they would mind taking a picture of all of us. 5 clicks later, we had a decent picture (turned out to be the only family picture we took all day, so good thing we did it!) of us all and were on our way to brunch.

Frank and Marsha live in my parents neighborhood. Just the same as my parents, they moved in when their house was built 13 years ago. Even though we rarely see each other, it is so nice to get the chance to talk to them and catch up when we do. They had accepted my Mom's offer of meeting us for brunch, so it was great to see them again. Our waiter was nice enough to take a picture of our table, -and surprisingly he did a pretty good job, too.

Easter was a really great family day. We are looking forward to next year when they kids get to color eggs, or at least put stickers on them. But this year was fun, and Sunday was a great ending to a wonderful weekend.


Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

They are SO handsome in their blue sweater vests ... I love it!!!

Michele S said...

You are amazing for even trying to get them to sit still for church! That energy sometimes just has to come out and at least you recognize this. I love your family photo. The boys outfits were adorable!!!!

Wendi said...

Mmmmm....MiMi's Cafe!!! I LOVE that place. Unfortunately, they don't have one here in NY...but whenever I visit my parents in FL, you better believe that we go!

LOVE the boys' outfits!!!!

JenMom said...

I haven't checked in on ya'll in a while. The boys look great! They are getting so big. I agree with Jen, the blue was an awesome choice for them!