Friday, April 27, 2007

The Gym

Yesterday we had our first gym day care experience. After parking the car and getting the boys shot records together, it was time to go in. Each child had their own water bottle tucked under one arm and with their free hand, they held our hand. The five of us walked up to the door while Don and I were telling the boys they were going to go play while Mommy and Daddy worked out. Once we were in, there was no initial panic from Luke like the day we first looked around. The woman behind the counter opened the half door at the entrance leading to the kids area and Wyatt walked in like he had done it 10 times before. Jaxon was a bit hesitant, but once we told him to go with Wyatt, off he went. Luke was a bit unsure -walking with Jaxon and then we could tell he was having second thoughts. The nice woman working there picked Luke up as his back arched to throw a bit of a fit and Don and I made a run for the door.

We were a bit anxious and wondered about only working out a half hour to ease the boys into daycare, but Don had an appointment with a trainer, so it would be about an hour before he was done. While working out, I would look up at the screen to check up on the kids and all seemed to be going well. After Don finished his appointment, he met up with me and together we walked over to the daycare area. All three boys were playing nicely. Wyatt was getting ready to pick up a little doll, but saw us out of the corner of his eye. His eyes got big and he gave us a smile and then got back to playing. Luke was climbing on a little foam step and Jaxon was just sitting, playing with a toy he had. No tears when they saw us or anything! They just walked right over to us and with their water bottles in tow, we all went back out to the car.

So we all survived! The woman at the counter said they did great, Luke cried only for a few minutes, no longer than five, and then he was content to play with his brothers. Walking back out to the car, I couldn't help but feel we had passed a huge milestone! No stroller or wagon was being used and all that alone time we just had! Don and I were just amazed at how fast they adjusted to not being around us and are so thankful they have each other everyday. Whew!


Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I'm glad to hear that your experience was better than ours!!! I put the kids membership on "hold" for a while because everytime we went, we were called down to the nursery an umpteen numbers of times.

I think the best exercise we got was running up and down the stairs to find out why they kept calling our name!

katef said...

I found your blog after you downloaded my freebie recently and I have been loving reading about your gorgeous family!