Saturday, April 28, 2007

Splish Splash

While the boys were playing out back on Friday, I had accidentally spilled water on our patio. Even though it was no more than half a cup of water, Lucas and Wyatt immediately were drawn to it. Wyatt was asking, "wa-der, wa-der?" and Luke would put his hand in it and rub the water on his face. Seeing Wyatt was about to copy Luke, I took off Wyatt's white shirt and then decided to take off Jaxon's and Lucas' shirts, too.

The water had evaporated in about 2 minutes. Since they had their shirts off and it was getting hot out, I took the sand and water table out of the garage and filled it up with water in the back yard. The boys couldn't get enough of it, Jaxon loved to just throw his hands down in it to splash and Wyatt would stick his face in the water to blow bubbles. Lucas thought it was fun to stick his mouth in just enough to drink it.

Eventually, even though it was about 85 degrees out, the boys started to get chilly and it was lunch time. Here is one of the videos of them playing out back.


Cathy said...

Awww, looks like they had a great time! I love cheap entertainment. I will be sending my boys over there tomorrow!

Windgefluester said...

hey wow triplets (i hope it is the right word, sorry my english is not so good.!) I find it fantastic. they 3 looks so cute!!!
your blog comes in to my fav.
must have a look on your 3 angels!!!
to cute!!!!