Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lucas' Transformation

An amazing thing happens when we put the boys in their cribs. Lucas instantly comes out of his shell. Suddenly he is this carefree, big smiling, little imp. He will stand up each arm raised holding the sides of his crib and jump like nobody's business. If he feels like letting us into the fun, he will raise his foot up so we can barely reach him or maybe even tickle his toes.

His little smile is so contagious and his brothers -in cribs one on each side of his- will start jumping and giggling along with him. Usually Luke gets a bit braver and will drop his hands from the sides and jump freely, not holding on to anything. His little upper body starts twisting and he will do a bit of a dance in one place.

Eventually things slow down, I will tell them time to go to sleep and try to coax Luke into a laying position. He will seem to settle a bit and bend down to lay forward, but then he will fake me out with an attempt at a somersault. After I get a hold of his little pj's and lay him down, he will look over at Jaxon to see if Jax is getting ready to sleep or not. If it seems his brothers are headed off to dream land, he will put his little thumb right in his mouth, pulling his blanket up around his shoulders and chin and relax his little body.

What gets into that child when he gets into his little crib? It is because it is his domain? Is it the bounce? Is it because he is between his brothers cribs and has their full attention? I love to see his little face light up and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. What ever it is, it is a beautiful transformation.

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