Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gym good and bad

The good: The gym is going well. I like having another option for what we can do with our day, especially since I know the boys will be active while playing there.

The bad: When I pull into the parking lot Luke realizes where we are -tears start falling. He pleads "bye-bye" in an attempt to make me drive somewhere else. Jaxon catches on and it is a complete meltdown. I untangle all three out of their car seats and car while praying they don't run off while I reach in to get the other two out. Since Jaxon and Luke are still having a meltdown, I end up carrying the both of them (kicking my sides and screaming in my ears) into the daycare, while shepherding Wyatt down the million mile sidewalk to the door. Once in, Wyatt will look completely betrayed and outraged and the boys all try to escape out the door as soon as I put them down. The nice girls will take the boys and their waters to the play area while I squat down and get as close to the wall as I can while I sign them in. Then I BOLT out the door.

The good: They have a 15 minute rule. If the boys cry more than 15 minutes, they will call me back and there will be no work out that day. I have yet to be called back because anyone is still crying.

The really good: Imagine my surprise when I called to make an appointment to bring the boys in Friday and they knew who the boys were -and even said they were "cute" (I made sure she knew I was talking about the screaming trio). The girl also said when I drop them off, the crying only happens for about 2-3 minutes and stops once they are distracted with a story or a song.

The best part: I really like going to workout and am glad I don't have to feel guilty about it.

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

That's great - I'm so glad that they at least have a 15-minute rule.

I know I'll try again after our next baby is born. I HAVE to get back to the gym - there is no way I can live with these hips, thighs & butt!!