Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fun with Matthew

For the past two weeks, my nephew Matthew has been staying at my mom's house. Since she comes over a couple times a week, he has been here, too. The boys have been too young to catch his attention in the past few visits- but this time it has been different. I think it is because he is here alone and he is paying them more attention then before. All four of them are interacting more, playing together and the younger boys love to watch everything Matthew does. They think little things Matthew does is hilarious, and try to imitate most everything he does.

Earlier this week, Matthew had dinner and then spent the night at our house. After dinner we went into the backyard where all four boys sat at the little picnic table and ate watermelon for dessert. Afterwards, they rode the little cars around the backyard and played on their climber. For the first time ever, they went in order, actually lining up to go up the steps and down the slide. Lucas, ever the "enforcer" would try to help the kids go in front of him- pushing their little bottoms higher (even Matthew's) to speed up the process.

Tonight we met Nana and Matthew at the San Gennaro Festival for dinner. After a hearty dinner of 2 bowls of pasta, a corn dog and corn on the cob (that is just our boys) we walked through the amusement park area. Matthew went on a few rides and the boys loved to wave to him when they would see him on it. First the little Dragon roller coaster, then the airplanes and finally the fun house. Matthew was so excited on the rides and would happily wave with a huge smile on his face. After getting Sponge Bob painted on Matthew's arm and Elmo painted on the boys hands, we called it a night and headed home. It has been so much fun having Matthew around!

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Michele S said...

Laura- I just got caught up on your blog and I'm so glad that you were able to leave them in the gym and they were fine!!! That is AWESOME!!!