Monday, May 28, 2007

The Side Yard

Not selling our house yet has set off a whole train of activity around here. Since our destiny seems to be stuck here, we need to make this house and yard a bit more usable for the boys. The side of our house is not being used and it would be nice to have a sand/play area over there. But first, the wall needed to be extended and then it would have to be fenced in.

Don and his buddy Mitch (who also helped us build our planters a couple years ago) started a side wall project that would be half block and half iron fencing. When that was done then Don had to move over to the new end and gate it all in. And when that was done, then Don and my Dad would build the boys a new sandbox. That is LOTS of work for poor Don. LOTS.

It all get scrambled up and the fence, sand box and the gate all got their finishing touches about 20 hours before the party was to begin. It all looks beautiful and Don has sworn off any more digging as long as we own this house.


laraine said...

Laura - Happy birthday to your boys!!. It looks like you guys had a blast.

I love the sandbox. Jim and I have been talking about building one for our boys. We haven't been able to decide on a size though. Can you tell me what size yours is and where (and how much) you got the sand?


The Grubbs said...

Laraine- We used plans from If you click on the links you will get a lumber list , directions and a cut sheet. They seem to be outdated a bit and need some modifications (types of wood and sizes had to be adjusted a bit over here) but we loved the bench all around it and the toy box on the one end.
The sand is from Vista Rock. We ordered too much at a ton and a half, probably one ton would do it. We paid $80, and that included them dropping it off.
If you all need any help, let us know. It is a full day project.

allhisblessings said...

Looks Great! I bet the boys are really enjoying it! :)

Anonymous said...

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