Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween is coming

We had our first school Trunk or Treat! Don and I tricked out the back of Nana's van, and the boys had their first school event. It was a fun night, being able to watch the boys interacting with their new friends and see the different relationships that have grown. They spent most of the time attached at the hip with their new friend Kalani. Every time the boys saw a new friend they would yell their name and run up to hug them.

I love that they are enjoying their school experiences!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A quilt store here in town is closing. They had a $2 a yard sale last week. For fabric that is generally over $10 yard to go on sale for that low is huge. Needless to say, I packed the boys up with some snacks and video games and waited outside the door with all the other crazy quilters for the store to open.

Not only did we have to wait a half hour to get in the store, it took almost an hour to get checked out. The boys didn't seem to mind though, games in hand a new friend to boot!

So not what I thought my 30's would be like by the way!

Now that the boys are in school, they are meeting friends on their own.

The boys got invited to their first school friend birthday party. Their friend Kalani had his 6th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. The boys gave him a super hero cape and a little notebook. Kalani used the new notebook and crayons to write the boys thank you notes. How cute is this? He got their hair right and everything!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Busy Station

Recently, we pulled out some goodies for the boys that we had bought years ago. One was a packet of wipe off crayons. I like them because Jaxon still does not get reign of markers (he's really impulsive), and the crayons are a bit more child friendly anyhow.

Our other find was a couple of giant laminated sheets of notebook paper. We had bought them at the dollar store long ago, and put them away for a rainy day.

So putting our two giant sheets of paper together with wipe off crayons, and three little boys, equaled about an hour of quiet time for us! Yay!

This one has lots of random words and names including the ever popular Jessica and another one of their friends, Kalani.

The next day, Lucas was writing while I was sewing. I heard him sounding words out and then he thought of his birthday. May 22. See how he sounded it out? M TNT 2

It is so cool to see them learn these things, a little bit at a time. No paper waste, keeps them quiet, and they learn. What more can I ask for?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This cute, cuddly, little ball of non shedding fur, is starting to drive us a bit batty. She thinks she is a person. More specifically, she thinks she is a five year old human person. A fourth triplet, if you will.

This day, Roxy was caged long enough for me to drive the boys to school, and come straight home. Maybe 30 minutes at the most. All that black stuff all over the floor? that is the bottom to the cage. It used to look like a big black plastic cookie sheet. She shredded it so bad, it fit in a plastic bag. And her cage used to be next to the door on the left. She flipped it over in her crazy fit.

And this? I used to have blinds on my living room window. Used to. A moment of silence please for my pretty wooden blinds.

This was another 20-30 minute stretch of time. Roxy flipped her cage on this day as well, but did so in a way that gravity agreed with her and made her cage door pop open. Luckily the doggie door was closed (because she can escape the yard, you know), but unluckily for the blinds, they were in Roxy's way when she was trying to spot her boys. WHO WERE AT SCHOOL, ROXY!

Lastly, this is Roxy in her cage, flipped again. She is beating the crap out of our wall behind her, all that cage bumping and flipping is starting to show against the brown paint.

Don and I have since realized that her cage needs to be put upside down and secured with zip ties on one of the doors. With the bigger holes at the top, she can not fit her legs out to flip or move the cage. (Yet) We also have D-rings around the other cage door as reinforcement in case she does manage to flip it.

She is cute -luckily. And other than these damages above, we have had not a single complaint about her behavior. She tolerates the boys better than we do sometimes, and is so adorably social with others -dogs and humans included.

The boys feed her regularly without complaint, and play with her all the time. They help wear her down, and she does the same for them while giving them a fourth playmate. It is a win win for me, especially since Don generally does poop patrol. All I need to do is change her water a couple times a day.

Except on the days I had to clean up all my broken blinds. And clean up her shredded cage bottom. And then scrub the carpet where she bled a bit on it from her crazy moment. AND pick up the trash from the garbage can on the floor. And wash the windows and doors where her dirty paws and/or tongue dirty it all up...

But I still love her.

How could I deny that cute face?

Friday, October 08, 2010

Something I love about you

I love that Wyatt takes every opportunity around a tree to see if he can swing from any of the branches. Tarzan style, y'all.

It doesn't matter if it is a palm tree limb near the jacuzzi at Nan's and Pops house. Or a baby tree at the dog park. If he can reach a branch, he will try to see if he can swing from it.

Cracks me up every time. I love that little monkey :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A New Beginning

Today I went with my sister to her Dr appointment.

She was really nervous. I maybe was a little, but I was so loving her in this new stage of her life, my head couldn't fit anymore in it.

We got to hear her baby's heart beat. I heard the "whoosh, bu-bump, ba-bump" and saw the surprise on her face when she found out that was the baby's heart, not hers.

I am so stinking excited about this new little person joining our family. I love seeing my sister this happy. She has always been such a beautiful person inside and out, but it seems like she is finally seeing it too.

Good things are coming. I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

3 Boys = Real Life

This is picture of my three sweet boys. They were running carefree in the water, it was so hot out that day and we were at a car show. Over 100 degrees was just too hot for the boys to enjoy the car show, so Don and I gave up the show and let the boys have some down time.

I swear in the moments before taking this picture, I was looking at them in a perfectly ideal moment. I was thinking how big they have gotten, how stinking handsome they are getting, and how perfect the light was around them. I had to take this picture to capture the moment.

This picture on the other hand...

This picture was taken just the next day at Walmart. I was looking at the clearance table in the back (all red tag items was an additional 50% off, I couldn't NOT look!) to see if we "needed" anything and I hear Jaxon yell, "this is SO AWESOME!". I turn and look for the voice and see Jax's head sticking out the side of the ball cage. His brothers were quick to join him, moving balls out of their way so they could fit their ever growing bodies in there, too.

I admit, at first I was embarrassed. I mean, come on! They put themselves in a ball cage. I have never seen a kid do that before -and we go to Walmart every week!

And then I was a bit amazed that they hadn't thought of doing that before.

But then I was surprised that I actually felt bad for having to call them out when it was so obvious they were having such a good time. I think had I not been surrounded by about 30 other people at the clearance tables (damn clearance!) they would have had a few more minutes to play.

So two perfectly opposite pictures taken in just two days. Such different circumstances and feelings around each, but each perfectly demonstrate how every day brings something interesting to the table.

These boys keep us on our toes.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Virtually Friends

About 4 years ago, I found a blog kept by a mom of triplet boys. Her name is Wendi, and her blog cracked me up -seeing and reading all the escapades her little boys got into. We commented a bit on each others blogs for a while, and then slowly as technology changed, our friendship changed from the blogs, to myspace, and finally to facebook. Wendi seems very much like myself -finding humor in her day to day life with her boys- and I was excited when she told me her family was coming out to Vegas for the week.

Wendi invited us to her hotel for a swim. Meeting someone face to face for the first time is hard enough, let alone in your bathing suit, but I wasn't going to let modesty ruin the day. Floating around in the lazy river (where some kind people who were leaving gave the kiddos their rafts) and watching the boys have a blast in the wave pool was a perfect way to get to know Wendi and her family. The six boys got along even when they were concerned about getting their own turn on the rafts, and Wendi's family was just as fabulous as I thought they would be. It was a perfect afternoon with such fun people.

Thanks Wendi, for inviting us to join in on your day!

Monday, October 04, 2010

S'more fun for Everyone

About a month ago, a new street opened near our house. Maybe I should correct that- the street had always been there, but there was a train preventing us from getting to the other side. Right on the other side was a park. A great beautiful, fun park. It was about one mile from our house, but to get to it, we had to drive around the very very very long way -about 15 minutes total. Dang big ole train track about 3 feet up -impossible even for us with four wheelers (with three car seats inside) to get over.

Luckily, the city made a way for the residents to get through and now the park is about 3 minutes from our house. This park is part of the motivation program I have the boys on. Start riding your bike with only 2 wheels (not four) and we can ride our bikes to the park. I'll let you know if it works :)

So last weekend, we invited a few of our friends to the park for s'mores in the evening. It was super hot out -especially with a fantastic fire right in front of us -but we all managed to have a lot of fun. The kids all ran around like banshees, climbed the trees like monkeys, and ate marshmallows and hot apples treats like little piggies.

It was an awesome night, just like we thought it would be. We have a feeling these guys are going to be friends for a long, long time. I can't wait to see what the future brings us.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Something I love about you

Lucas knows what he wants. He generally can not be distracted or dissuaded from what he has in mind -which sometimes cracks me up at the same time it exasperates me.

On this particular day, I was helping Luke style his hair. Wanting to try something new, he said he wanted a curl in the front "like Superman's hair". And for once, I didn't even try to change his mind. Between it being what Lucas wanted, and having something to do with Superman, I knew there was no budging on this idea.

So Lucas got what he asked for. And I totally love that he even requested it.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Something I love about you

Don always drives when we are together. It is mostly a man thing, I guess, but it works well for us.

I love that if we pass by something I think is interesting on the way to where we are going- no matter where we are headed, what traffic is like or how much we are in a rush - he will turn the car around to see what I'm talking about.

It is not a huge deal in itself, I know. But the fact that a little detail that is interesting to me is important enough for him to stop what he is doing to look at it, speaks volumes about him and what he does for me. Without even thinking about it. He just does it. And I love it.

And I love him :)