Monday, October 04, 2010

S'more fun for Everyone

About a month ago, a new street opened near our house. Maybe I should correct that- the street had always been there, but there was a train preventing us from getting to the other side. Right on the other side was a park. A great beautiful, fun park. It was about one mile from our house, but to get to it, we had to drive around the very very very long way -about 15 minutes total. Dang big ole train track about 3 feet up -impossible even for us with four wheelers (with three car seats inside) to get over.

Luckily, the city made a way for the residents to get through and now the park is about 3 minutes from our house. This park is part of the motivation program I have the boys on. Start riding your bike with only 2 wheels (not four) and we can ride our bikes to the park. I'll let you know if it works :)

So last weekend, we invited a few of our friends to the park for s'mores in the evening. It was super hot out -especially with a fantastic fire right in front of us -but we all managed to have a lot of fun. The kids all ran around like banshees, climbed the trees like monkeys, and ate marshmallows and hot apples treats like little piggies.

It was an awesome night, just like we thought it would be. We have a feeling these guys are going to be friends for a long, long time. I can't wait to see what the future brings us.

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