Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Virtually Friends

About 4 years ago, I found a blog kept by a mom of triplet boys. Her name is Wendi, and her blog cracked me up -seeing and reading all the escapades her little boys got into. We commented a bit on each others blogs for a while, and then slowly as technology changed, our friendship changed from the blogs, to myspace, and finally to facebook. Wendi seems very much like myself -finding humor in her day to day life with her boys- and I was excited when she told me her family was coming out to Vegas for the week.

Wendi invited us to her hotel for a swim. Meeting someone face to face for the first time is hard enough, let alone in your bathing suit, but I wasn't going to let modesty ruin the day. Floating around in the lazy river (where some kind people who were leaving gave the kiddos their rafts) and watching the boys have a blast in the wave pool was a perfect way to get to know Wendi and her family. The six boys got along even when they were concerned about getting their own turn on the rafts, and Wendi's family was just as fabulous as I thought they would be. It was a perfect afternoon with such fun people.

Thanks Wendi, for inviting us to join in on your day!

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