Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Trip

Lunch on the Summit
Mining for jewels
Cool Cousins!
Our nightly view
Hanging with Pops at the Rescue Zoo
Going up SO high on the Summit Lift
The Alpine Slide Crew
A few weeks ago, we went to Big Bear, Ca with the Robinson side of our family. Uncle Donny and Aunt Michelle, Uncle Carl, Aunt Cassie and Aunt Leigha, Nana and Pops were all able to meet up and spend some family time together. We did lots of normal fun vacation stuff, but it was so many firsts for you- even though you are 8 years old. You learned how to play pool, you played Laser Tag for the first time, you went on an Alpine Slide, and for the first time in your memory, we went to a zoo. You got to catch up with your cousin Dylan, who you really didn't remember from their visit years ago. You thought he was pretty awesome like you did Matthew and Cathryn since you love your older cousins and try so much to be "cool" like them. You hung out and enjoyed playing with your much younger cousins Ryder and baby Jake. We went fishing on our last day, just the five of us and caught a fish for the first time ever. The trip was wonderful, the sunset each night from the back patio was so beautiful. Roxy came with us causing some issues at first, but she was so happy to be included.

Friday, July 26, 2013

OMGosh! You are 8!

Corona Del Mar, Ca

Here's the deal kiddos, it has been a while since I have blogged.  I have drafted a few blog posts (about the Christmas accident, 2nd grade, etc) but I haven't posted them yet.  Basically technology is changing, and you are changing and it hasn't been in the norm to sit on this computer in the corner of our hallway and keep this blog up.   BUT -as I am writing this- I have downloaded an app on my phone and hopefully it will bring the convenience back because obviously, it has been too long.

Last night I was online checking Facebook and your dad asked if our blog is still up.  Happily, it was.  I spent until 3 am (!) going through the blog, reading posts while laughing and tearing up.  Your dad was long asleep by then, so there was no one to share it with, but I soaked it all in.  I am thankful for this record of your childhood.  It helps my guilt since your baby books were a bust and not kept up.  All these pictures and stories made me realize that -first of all, your personalities have always been the same- and second- it is so important to update at least once in a while for posterities sake.

Right now you are 8 years old.  We are in the midst of summer vacation and have taken a few trips this summer to California.  We had been camping, staying at hotels and even a week in Big Bear where Nana and Pops rented a cabin for our whole family.   You guys are hilarious while simultaneously making my blood pressure rise from all the arguing and testing.  I feel all I say all day long is "be nice, be kind, speak kindly please".  My brain is still stunted from the toddler years and my memory is shot, but I wouldn't change this life for any other. 

A little about you now. You are into playing the X Box Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Heather got you for your birthday.  Games like Mine Craft, Superman Returns, and Need for Speed seem to be your favorites.  You love playing on the tablet, or just watching Netflix on the tablet even though you could watch it on TV.  There are tons of kids on the street you love to play with, the Sumis, Higgins are full of girls, as is Maile's family, but you are only beginning to mind that you are the only boys. 
 You guys either are literally hugging and wrestling or fighting and arguing.  It is rarely in-between.  You make your Dad and I crazy, and generally we need wind down drinks most days.  You also make us laugh all the time, out loud laughter.  We love spending time with you boys, especially since  we're well aware how fast you are growing and that there's only so many years to keep you close to us before you start spreading your wings.

So with that in mind, I am going to try to keep this blog up here and there, more than once a year, hopefully. We will see.