Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chit chat patty whack

The boys have been talking for a while now. Mostly words like truck, diesel, bus. Boy words. Colors, numbers, letters. The other day Wyatt said "gold fish" (he was talking about a sticker) and it hit me that they are really talking on their own now!

They still repeat what we say and if we ask them a question, chances are they will repeat the last word or two of our question instead of answering it; but they now know how to verbalize their own thoughts and wants.

Here are things Jaxon says:
"I do, I do"
"Hey, Da" "Hey, Nan!" "hey, hey"
"Yes Mam"
"Awww, man!"
"L is for Dee-dee!" (how he pronounces Lukey)

Things Luke says:
"Gon-na do?" He says this when Don is rough housing with him
"More whee" (when he wants to go down hills in the car)
And today, I was saddened to realize Luke now says "1-2-3" instead of "1-2-6"
He also says the alphabet in any order. Pick a letter here, and a letter there, put them together and there you go, it is Luke's alphabet. He does it so quickly and with such a definite voice, like he knows exactly what he is talking about.

Wyatt doesn't say many words. usually he is yelling at someone for touching his cars, or he'll point out letters he sees. He'll sing the alphabet with us. Or say what letters are for what word, (M- momma, D-dadda, p-pops, b-belle, L- dee-dee! etc). He is also big on the "I do, I DO!". Wyatt will also tell us when he wants more of something "more water, more fries, more apple" etc, but he doesn't use many repeated phrases like his brothers.

Up and down are confused all the time, as are ins and outs. Today it is raining out and the boys kept asking to put their window "up please, up, up". When they really wanted it down. They all took their shoes off in the car, and I made them walk out in the rain barefooted while carrying their shoes up to the house. This is generally their consequence for taking their shoes off in the car, but we never had to have them do it while it was raining. All three of them said "ccccold", but I doubt it was lesson enough to stop them from taking off their shoes next time.

The boys are also following directions a bit better. I have a basket for their shoes inside the door. They now know to take off their shoes and put them in the basket when we come inside (or days like today, they know to drop their shoes in the basket when they walk in the door). Today they wore jackets, and they unzipped their jackets and took them off themselves. These are little things, I know -but little by little they are growing up and learning to do the big boy stuff.

Today is my birthday and we have a big night planned. Don is taking me to see the Penn and Teller show and dinner at The Melting Pot. Mmmmm, the Melting Pot. I have been working out like crazy and watching what I eat for weeks now, hoping to earn my decedent evening out. All that melted cheese and chocolate will take a week to work off again, lol.

Thank goodness the kids finally enjoy going to the gym :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Randomness and totnastics

The boys have been a bit under the weather since we have been working out at the gym again. It is probably unavoidable that they pick up all the winter germs, but sometimes their little coughs are pitiful and I feel so bad for them. We are a bit hesitant to bring them back to the gym daycare -since we don't want to expose all the other kids to it, but our pediatrician said it was okay as long as the boys don't have fevers. Thank goodness, otherwise we would have to be locked down until winter!

We are having boundary issues here at the house. It is almost impossible for me to keep the kids hands off our counters. It used to be the safe zone for anything we didn't want little hands to touch, but not so much anymore. This gem of a picture was taken after Wyatt had reached up on the counter and took both the apple and the knife off the cutting board. We have since had to move all the knives (only knives) up, up, and away since Wyatt (like his mother) has a knife obsession.

Jaxon is finally back to himself. He was a bit off for a couple weeks, seeming unsettled and just unsure. It is so nice to have him back to his happy, confident self. His new thing is telling us he wants "hugs" while he squeezes us tightly. He is a very loving little guy.

Reagan is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day. The boys still completely dote on her and suffocate her with hugs and kisses. Today Luke had to go into time out because he tried to ride her like a horse. She hadn't even cried, but it was still enough to quickly make me freak out.

Totnastics is going well again. It was a bit shaky for the first two weeks of evening classes. I think having the classes later makes it a bit harder for the boys to stay focused, being they have had the whole day ahead of them and dinner is right around the corner. Thankfully last night they behaved really well and went where they should be 99% of the time. For the first time ever they actually did the floor exercises! Usually they huddle around Don and I, but they sat around us and stretched out like they should! They love doing the table and bear positions.

Jaxon seems to be a natural on most of the equipment, hanging from the bars and bringing his feet up to his head all by himself and also getting into a handstand position against a wall by himself! He really seems to respond well to challenges and trying new things. It is amazing how much muscle this guy has in his stomach!

Wyatt loves jumping on the trampoline. He will go on it over and over again, usually making us threaten him to get down so the next kid in line can have a turn. Last night we didn't have to chase him at all, he did what he should and would get back in line. We misplaced his Singular for the past few days and we could definitely tell his breathing was labored and slowing him down. Luckily, we found the container of medication last night, so he should be back to his normal wild self today.

Lucas is king of the balance beam. He just flies right across the beam and he loves to walk sideways on it. The instructor puts little beanie babies on the beam for the kids to walk over, and if he knocks one off, he has to put it back right away.

I can tell they are learning about following directions, waiting their turns and over all structure -just from the six or seven classes they have been to, only 45 mins a class. It is amazing what I would never think to teach them, they are leaning and doing really well at. Thank you Michele, for encouraging me to sign up and do it. The boys have learned so much socially and are having so much fun at it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Spirit

This weekend Don and I have been exposing the boys to a bit of the Christmas spirit that is in the air. On Friday we made a trip to a restaurant in the mall and then walked around for a bit afterwards. The boys got to see all of the Christmas decorations- including the talking bear in the entrance, the caroling bears and they even got a chance to be introduced to Santa Claus! They were a bit hesitant about it, but luckily there wasn't a line so they were able to take their time to get comfortable around him. As far as sitting on his lap, I am not sure if they will decide they like him that much anytime soon. But, I am happy that they were at least accepting of him and not screaming while running away.

Saturday we went out to the District to see the big Christmas tree and hear the Christmas Carolers sing. The whole street was lined up with lighted trees and ornaments decorating the bushes. It looked really festive and the air was nice and crispy, probably the coldest the boys ever remember it being (mid 50's). I think the cold air filled them with a bit of spunk because as the night went on, they got a bit naughtier and naughtier until we decided it would be a good idea to take them home. Don was a fantastic hubby and brought them home and put them to bed himself while my Mom and I had a bit of one on one time, shopping for her New Year's outfit.

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree while the boys were napping. It is new and we were impatient to see what it would look like in the foyer. We haven't got around to the ornaments yet, but the tree came with the lights already attached. Ever since the tree has been up, we have been talking about getting out the rest of the decorations. Today we spent all day cleaning out the garage to get to the Christmas decorations. It took 5-6 hours of pulling everything out of the garage and making piles of donating or selling and garbage piles. The boys loved running up and down the driveway with all their little treasures that we kept pulling out of the garage. Finally we finished up and cannot wait to get the lights hung up later this week.

Christmas is definitely in the air!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Last night we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's house for Thanksgiving. Even though it was just the five us and the two of them, my Mom still went all out with the big turkey and fixings. The boys were cute and their Pops really makes them laugh and knows how to rile them up. Dinner was so delicious, my belly hurt from eating so much before dessert even came out!

The boys all have a bit of a cold, but we still made it to Target this morning in hopes of getting the 500gb hard drive for only $90. It didn't happen (they were out of stock), but they got some much needed sweat pants and tee shirts instead.

Don is in a football induced coma right now, moving from room to room, tv to tv watching the Aggies play the Long Horns. He is not usually so into football, but this is the game of the season as far as he is concerned. Hopefully it ends well, since his voice is froggy just from the first quarter of the game he caught before he made it home!

A little change...

To make an effort to be a little safer, I changed my blog to one without our last name in it. If you had linked my blog to yours, please take my last name out of it when you update your link to help me remain just that tiny bit more anonymous. Thank for your help and I hope you like our new home!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I love

Jaxon kisses. He squishes throws his arms around my and holds on tightly to my neck while smashing his teeth against my lips. Ahhh, he loves me.

When the kids see a big yellow "M" outside of McDonald's they yell "M! Mmmmomma!"

"Hey, Nan!" Jaxon calls when he is trying to get my Moms attention.

Wyatt kisses, lots of slobber and he holds the sides of my face while he kisses me.

I love when Luke holds his shirt up and exposes the side of his belly. This is his way of telling us he wants someone to get his "sugar"

Late at night checking on the boys before I head in to bed. They look so little!

The boys holding out their hands for Don and I to hold them.

Lucas loves to lounge lately. It is so sweet to see him sprawled out on the couch with his Teddy-belle and blanket.

Lucas calls his teddy bear "Teddy-Belle". (We have two dogs, one is named Teddy and the other -you guessed it- is Belle.)

Wyatt is at the point where he will be naughty and quickly give us a kiss or act all cute and funny to try to get out of trouble. Sometimes it works...

If we praise one child for using their fork, (or eating a bean, etc) Jaxon will rush to do the same proudly while waiting to get his praise, too.

When Luke or Wyatt wake up (in the am, at nap time, in between sleep cycles) they ALWAYS immediately ask for Jax (who is still laying in the bed adjacent to theirs).

It never fails to make me laugh to see Don being attacked by the boys. 3 little people can bring that big man down in 10 seconds flat.

Working out at the gym only to look up and see the boys playing on the closed circuit TV

Bed time cuddles with Lucas. He loves to be held and sang to before he lays in his crib.

Listening to the boys sing without being prompted.

3 Hour naps

In the car when all three have their hands up over their heads, saying "More whee!"

We got Elfed!

Look at my boys dance! Click here Muah hah ha!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bragging on my kids

This week we have gone to the gym three times. That is right, three times. The first time we went Wyatt and Jax cried a bit when we dropped them off to the play center. The second time Jaxon was the only one who didn't want to go. And today all three walked right through the playroom door without a look back. Luke and Jax walked right over to a table with paper and crayons and about 10 seconds later Wyatt looked over like he just realized he didn't say good bye. I blew a kiss to him then we walked out feeling so much better about leaving.

Tonight we went to the Town Square Las Vegas grand opening. There was a Santa parade with reindeer pulling his sleigh and frosty the snow man. A man on stilts and a few guys doing balloon tricks and other neat things were walking around for plenty of eye candy. Jaxon was terrified of the stilt man and Frosty. Terrified. I couldn't hold him close enough and his little body shook when Frosty walked by.

During the hour and half we waited to eat at Claim Jumpers, we walked around. The boys saw a huge Christmas tree, listened to live music, played all over the neat play ground area and ran through the little maze they have set up with fake bushes. They stayed fairly close and held hands when we crossed the streets. For the last ten minutes before our buzzer went off, we stood outside of the restaurant watching the boys keep themselves occupied by ringing the little jingle bells that were being handed out in preparation for Santa's arrival.

When we went inside to eat, we were a bit apprehensive about being seated in a booth. The boys moved around lots in the beginning, but quickly settled down and behaved quite nicely. They really amazed Don and I with how well they stick together when we walk (we haven't had to use a stroller or choo-choo except for store visits, and sometimes not even then!) and for a table of two year olds, their manners are really great (for the most part).

On our way home Don and I were talking about how great the boys are and how blessed we are to have such good kids. Wyatt and Jaxon know the full alphabet - Lucas is working on it his way. Wyatt knows it in sign language, fully. All three know their colors, most of the time. Wyatt and Jaxon know to count to 10 and sometimes even up to 20. Even though they were late talkers, their vocabulary is exploding. Lucas amazes us with what he learns and can repeat so clearly. All three of them just soak in information and really understand what is happening around them. When given a choice between behaving or going to time out (for only about 20 seconds!) 99% of the time they choose to behave (thank goodness!).

I know there will be many times in our future where things are not as simple. But for now, the boys are better than we could have hoped for and bring us huge amounts of joy with their affection and senses of humor. We are extremely proud of the little people they are becoming. We love you, boys!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots 'o Videos

Just for giggles...

Jaxon plays the game "operator" with me

Wyatt sings the s l o w e s t version of ABC's ever

Lucas asks "one more time?"

Daddy teaches kids how to give knuckles, five and hand shakes

And last of the day will be the loudest and most obnoxious.
This is a video of the boys trying to make the dogs howl. I love how Jax puts his hands on his eyes instead of cupping them around his mouth...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend. Started on Friday when my Mom had a weird spell that made us think she needed to get checked out at the hospital. She went and they agreed she should be there, even had her spend the night. But luckily nothing seems to be wrong and hopefully it was a one time happening.

Saturday we actually managed to get together with Cathy's crew. Although we talk at least once a day, we haven't seen each other in a month and the boys haven't played together in probably two! Needless to say it was high time to get together and catch up.

Sunday we took advantage of the cooler weather (finally below 80 degrees!) and took the boys out to the park to let them run off some excess energy. After nap time we went to Nana's for dinner. It was a full house with Nicki in town and Aunt Leigha, Gina and TJ, too. We all had a nice time and after a quick bath, got in the new sleeper pj's from Nana and Pops and went home.

The whole weekend was packed full of fun and it has been nice to have Nicki here in town to share it with!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Our Big Bye-Bye

This past we took a trip to Southern California. It was cousin Jake's second birthday and it seemed like the perfect time to go on a mini vacation.

Being that they are not big fans of long car rides, the boys have never been in the car longer than an hour or so on a straight shot. Many airplane rides where Don and I could take them out of their seats and let them stretch -or separate whoever needs to be separated- but not a long car ride. We talked about the trip with the boys a few days before we left, telling them about our "big bye-bye" and the beach.

Friday when Don got home from work we were off! Over the mountains and through the desert we went, silently praying the boys would behave and not bother the heck out of each other in their close quarters. We don't have a big vehicle where the boys can all ride with their own personal space. These guys are cramped up fighting over leg room and heaven forbid someone touches their car seat! Days before the trip I was thinking how nice it would be for Don and I to be together in the car for so long, getting to catch up in all the hours we were driving to and from California. Instead we both sat there silently, knowing that the slightest distraction could cause the kids to become aware of something -anything that would make them start fighting or pinching- and we just couldn't risk it.

Finally at 10 we pull into our Marriott hotel. The hotel had a living area with a full kitchen (dishwasher, stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc) and two separate bedrooms off the living room/dining room area. About an hour later the kids were all in their pack and plays (which by the way -we discovered they could climb out of) in the big bedroom and fast asleep.

Saturday morning we decided to go introduce the boys to the ocean. We had talked it up for the last few days, helping the boys pronounce beach and talking about the water and the sand there. All three seemed pretty excited about the concept until we got there. Jaxon walked right out to the sand with Don, he didn't mind the sand between his toes. Wyatt walked a bit but decided he would rather be carried. Lucas wouldn't even step off the side walk onto the sand. Don and I kept walking hoping he would just follow, but we soon realized it was not going to happen that way. Once we were set up at our blanket I realized that it is no surprise for Luke to be this way with the sand. The huge sandbox my Dad and Don built for the boys has yet to be sat in by Lucas, unless he has something besides the sand to put his bottom on.

Jaxon and especially Wyatt loved the beach. Wyatt loved to chase the water up and down the shoreline, racing to pick up rocks or shells before the water came back up. Once he turned to run and tripped over to fall in the water, but I picked him up by his shirt before he got too wet. He just laughed- totally unfazed by the cold water now on his belly and in his diaper.

All too soon lunch time came and it was time to head back to the hotel. After the boys woke from their naps we headed over to Don's Aunt Linda's house about 25 minutes away for some pizza and good conversation. Nathan, Lee Ann and her family would be there, as well as Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob. It is always so good to see this part of Don's family! His Uncle Bill happened to be there too -which was a great surprise for us. After a few hours of the boys playing nicely with Jake and all of us catching up, it was past the boys bedtime and time to go.

Sunday called for a visit with Don's Grandpa before checking out of the hotel and heading over to Jake's birthday party. The boys all played with Jake, taking turns between playing nicely or throwing tantrums over a toys they wanted.

This is a picture of the boys as we were gassing up the jeep for our drive home. They are completely hopped up on lots of blue koolaid (the first time they have ever had it) and under slept by about 2 of his usual 3 hours nap. They were totally insane, laughing at anything and everything they could think of.

It was a great way to end our "big bye-bye".

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Happenings

I can't believe this is the boys third Halloween! It is amazing how fast time has gone by...

WE had an awesome Halloween, better than expected for sure! To start the night off, we went to Nana's where she had made the boys some fried dough (YUM!) and pasta for dinner. At about 6 o'clock Brent and Jessica came with Reagan and Aunt Judy. Off we all went to trick or treat! We were so surprised the boys did fine walking around the block this time. Just a few weeks ago we took the boys for a walk and two out of three screamed most of the way around, wanting to be carried. We held out though, knowing if we carried them then, we would have heck to pay on Halloween night. But tonight they did great -holding hands when crossing the street and staying close together.

The first house we hit was Cynthia's. The boys weren't quite sure what to do, but Don lead them to the door and Cynthia came out with a huge bowl of candy. Since the boys have NEVER had candy, they had no idea they should want some. We showed them that the candy goes into their little buckets they were carrying. On our way to the next house, Lucas tried giving his candy to Reagan and then to Wyatt. By the time we hit our fourth or fifth house the boys were little pros and Wyatt was even trying to dig deep in the candy bowls for some extras. All the way around Nana's block we went, probably 15 houses total visited. Soon the boys started walking much slower and we decided that trick or treating was over for the night.

Back at Nana's the boys started exploring what they had in their buckets. Some people had little teddy grahams and pretzels, one house even gave away play-dough! The boys were like a little eating machine - although I think the fun was mostly in the unwrapping for them. They also liked opening Nana's door to greet the trick or treaters. One woman costume had a fake snake the boys loved to check out and even touch!

On the drive home we had gotten our second wind and decided to trick or treat a few houses on our street. The boys were really into the trick or treating and would walk right up to the doors, knocking on them. I am sure a few people wondered what the heck was going on with all the knocking between the three of them. After visiting with a few of our neighbors it was 8 o'clock and time to head inside for the evening. The boys were all coming off their little sugar high and ready to crash within minutes of having their pj's put on. Ironically enough, they never did eat an M&M.