Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Happenings

I can't believe this is the boys third Halloween! It is amazing how fast time has gone by...

WE had an awesome Halloween, better than expected for sure! To start the night off, we went to Nana's where she had made the boys some fried dough (YUM!) and pasta for dinner. At about 6 o'clock Brent and Jessica came with Reagan and Aunt Judy. Off we all went to trick or treat! We were so surprised the boys did fine walking around the block this time. Just a few weeks ago we took the boys for a walk and two out of three screamed most of the way around, wanting to be carried. We held out though, knowing if we carried them then, we would have heck to pay on Halloween night. But tonight they did great -holding hands when crossing the street and staying close together.

The first house we hit was Cynthia's. The boys weren't quite sure what to do, but Don lead them to the door and Cynthia came out with a huge bowl of candy. Since the boys have NEVER had candy, they had no idea they should want some. We showed them that the candy goes into their little buckets they were carrying. On our way to the next house, Lucas tried giving his candy to Reagan and then to Wyatt. By the time we hit our fourth or fifth house the boys were little pros and Wyatt was even trying to dig deep in the candy bowls for some extras. All the way around Nana's block we went, probably 15 houses total visited. Soon the boys started walking much slower and we decided that trick or treating was over for the night.

Back at Nana's the boys started exploring what they had in their buckets. Some people had little teddy grahams and pretzels, one house even gave away play-dough! The boys were like a little eating machine - although I think the fun was mostly in the unwrapping for them. They also liked opening Nana's door to greet the trick or treaters. One woman costume had a fake snake the boys loved to check out and even touch!

On the drive home we had gotten our second wind and decided to trick or treat a few houses on our street. The boys were really into the trick or treating and would walk right up to the doors, knocking on them. I am sure a few people wondered what the heck was going on with all the knocking between the three of them. After visiting with a few of our neighbors it was 8 o'clock and time to head inside for the evening. The boys were all coming off their little sugar high and ready to crash within minutes of having their pj's put on. Ironically enough, they never did eat an M&M.

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Annie said...


Glad to hear you all had a great Halloween (including Don, who looked like he enjoyed wearing his costume the most!). Now that the boys have had their first taste of candy I can bring them some the next time I visit. ;)