Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chit chat patty whack

The boys have been talking for a while now. Mostly words like truck, diesel, bus. Boy words. Colors, numbers, letters. The other day Wyatt said "gold fish" (he was talking about a sticker) and it hit me that they are really talking on their own now!

They still repeat what we say and if we ask them a question, chances are they will repeat the last word or two of our question instead of answering it; but they now know how to verbalize their own thoughts and wants.

Here are things Jaxon says:
"I do, I do"
"Hey, Da" "Hey, Nan!" "hey, hey"
"Yes Mam"
"Awww, man!"
"L is for Dee-dee!" (how he pronounces Lukey)

Things Luke says:
"Gon-na do?" He says this when Don is rough housing with him
"More whee" (when he wants to go down hills in the car)
And today, I was saddened to realize Luke now says "1-2-3" instead of "1-2-6"
He also says the alphabet in any order. Pick a letter here, and a letter there, put them together and there you go, it is Luke's alphabet. He does it so quickly and with such a definite voice, like he knows exactly what he is talking about.

Wyatt doesn't say many words. usually he is yelling at someone for touching his cars, or he'll point out letters he sees. He'll sing the alphabet with us. Or say what letters are for what word, (M- momma, D-dadda, p-pops, b-belle, L- dee-dee! etc). He is also big on the "I do, I DO!". Wyatt will also tell us when he wants more of something "more water, more fries, more apple" etc, but he doesn't use many repeated phrases like his brothers.

Up and down are confused all the time, as are ins and outs. Today it is raining out and the boys kept asking to put their window "up please, up, up". When they really wanted it down. They all took their shoes off in the car, and I made them walk out in the rain barefooted while carrying their shoes up to the house. This is generally their consequence for taking their shoes off in the car, but we never had to have them do it while it was raining. All three of them said "ccccold", but I doubt it was lesson enough to stop them from taking off their shoes next time.

The boys are also following directions a bit better. I have a basket for their shoes inside the door. They now know to take off their shoes and put them in the basket when we come inside (or days like today, they know to drop their shoes in the basket when they walk in the door). Today they wore jackets, and they unzipped their jackets and took them off themselves. These are little things, I know -but little by little they are growing up and learning to do the big boy stuff.

Today is my birthday and we have a big night planned. Don is taking me to see the Penn and Teller show and dinner at The Melting Pot. Mmmmm, the Melting Pot. I have been working out like crazy and watching what I eat for weeks now, hoping to earn my decedent evening out. All that melted cheese and chocolate will take a week to work off again, lol.

Thank goodness the kids finally enjoy going to the gym :)

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