Friday, November 23, 2007


Last night we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's house for Thanksgiving. Even though it was just the five us and the two of them, my Mom still went all out with the big turkey and fixings. The boys were cute and their Pops really makes them laugh and knows how to rile them up. Dinner was so delicious, my belly hurt from eating so much before dessert even came out!

The boys all have a bit of a cold, but we still made it to Target this morning in hopes of getting the 500gb hard drive for only $90. It didn't happen (they were out of stock), but they got some much needed sweat pants and tee shirts instead.

Don is in a football induced coma right now, moving from room to room, tv to tv watching the Aggies play the Long Horns. He is not usually so into football, but this is the game of the season as far as he is concerned. Hopefully it ends well, since his voice is froggy just from the first quarter of the game he caught before he made it home!


Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Did you see the big digital scrapbooking sale? 50% off! I'm totally getting into this no mess way of scrapbooking!

Brooklyn said...

Hi Laura,
Hope you don't mind me following you to your new blog. I found the link through your Lola's Scraps blog. I was surprised when your other link didn't work in my "favorites" list and was going to be really sad if you stopped blogging. You do such a good job journaling about your boys and have such cute things on your blog. I'm glad you're still blogging! But I totally understand the trying to be a little more anonymous thing. ;) Nice header by the way.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Brooke, Megan, & Ashley

Annie said...

Awwww! The boys look so handsome in their Thanksgiving best!!

Brooklyn said...

Hey Laura, I guess I should have checked the posts on my blog first yesterday and then I would have noticed that you gave me a link to your new blog. He, he. Thanks!!