Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Randomness and totnastics

The boys have been a bit under the weather since we have been working out at the gym again. It is probably unavoidable that they pick up all the winter germs, but sometimes their little coughs are pitiful and I feel so bad for them. We are a bit hesitant to bring them back to the gym daycare -since we don't want to expose all the other kids to it, but our pediatrician said it was okay as long as the boys don't have fevers. Thank goodness, otherwise we would have to be locked down until winter!

We are having boundary issues here at the house. It is almost impossible for me to keep the kids hands off our counters. It used to be the safe zone for anything we didn't want little hands to touch, but not so much anymore. This gem of a picture was taken after Wyatt had reached up on the counter and took both the apple and the knife off the cutting board. We have since had to move all the knives (only knives) up, up, and away since Wyatt (like his mother) has a knife obsession.

Jaxon is finally back to himself. He was a bit off for a couple weeks, seeming unsettled and just unsure. It is so nice to have him back to his happy, confident self. His new thing is telling us he wants "hugs" while he squeezes us tightly. He is a very loving little guy.

Reagan is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day. The boys still completely dote on her and suffocate her with hugs and kisses. Today Luke had to go into time out because he tried to ride her like a horse. She hadn't even cried, but it was still enough to quickly make me freak out.

Totnastics is going well again. It was a bit shaky for the first two weeks of evening classes. I think having the classes later makes it a bit harder for the boys to stay focused, being they have had the whole day ahead of them and dinner is right around the corner. Thankfully last night they behaved really well and went where they should be 99% of the time. For the first time ever they actually did the floor exercises! Usually they huddle around Don and I, but they sat around us and stretched out like they should! They love doing the table and bear positions.

Jaxon seems to be a natural on most of the equipment, hanging from the bars and bringing his feet up to his head all by himself and also getting into a handstand position against a wall by himself! He really seems to respond well to challenges and trying new things. It is amazing how much muscle this guy has in his stomach!

Wyatt loves jumping on the trampoline. He will go on it over and over again, usually making us threaten him to get down so the next kid in line can have a turn. Last night we didn't have to chase him at all, he did what he should and would get back in line. We misplaced his Singular for the past few days and we could definitely tell his breathing was labored and slowing him down. Luckily, we found the container of medication last night, so he should be back to his normal wild self today.

Lucas is king of the balance beam. He just flies right across the beam and he loves to walk sideways on it. The instructor puts little beanie babies on the beam for the kids to walk over, and if he knocks one off, he has to put it back right away.

I can tell they are learning about following directions, waiting their turns and over all structure -just from the six or seven classes they have been to, only 45 mins a class. It is amazing what I would never think to teach them, they are leaning and doing really well at. Thank you Michele, for encouraging me to sign up and do it. The boys have learned so much socially and are having so much fun at it!


Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Quick Question...when you get the scrapbook pics printed at Costco, did you say that on the 8x8 they print 2 smaller 3x3 pics? Am I confused??

Laura said...

Joselle- you can order a 12x18. But have your page set up to print it out as a 12x12 and 2 6x6's (for grandparent books or something)