Monday, November 19, 2007

Things I love

Jaxon kisses. He squishes throws his arms around my and holds on tightly to my neck while smashing his teeth against my lips. Ahhh, he loves me.

When the kids see a big yellow "M" outside of McDonald's they yell "M! Mmmmomma!"

"Hey, Nan!" Jaxon calls when he is trying to get my Moms attention.

Wyatt kisses, lots of slobber and he holds the sides of my face while he kisses me.

I love when Luke holds his shirt up and exposes the side of his belly. This is his way of telling us he wants someone to get his "sugar"

Late at night checking on the boys before I head in to bed. They look so little!

The boys holding out their hands for Don and I to hold them.

Lucas loves to lounge lately. It is so sweet to see him sprawled out on the couch with his Teddy-belle and blanket.

Lucas calls his teddy bear "Teddy-Belle". (We have two dogs, one is named Teddy and the other -you guessed it- is Belle.)

Wyatt is at the point where he will be naughty and quickly give us a kiss or act all cute and funny to try to get out of trouble. Sometimes it works...

If we praise one child for using their fork, (or eating a bean, etc) Jaxon will rush to do the same proudly while waiting to get his praise, too.

When Luke or Wyatt wake up (in the am, at nap time, in between sleep cycles) they ALWAYS immediately ask for Jax (who is still laying in the bed adjacent to theirs).

It never fails to make me laugh to see Don being attacked by the boys. 3 little people can bring that big man down in 10 seconds flat.

Working out at the gym only to look up and see the boys playing on the closed circuit TV

Bed time cuddles with Lucas. He loves to be held and sang to before he lays in his crib.

Listening to the boys sing without being prompted.

3 Hour naps

In the car when all three have their hands up over their heads, saying "More whee!"

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