Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bragging on my kids

This week we have gone to the gym three times. That is right, three times. The first time we went Wyatt and Jax cried a bit when we dropped them off to the play center. The second time Jaxon was the only one who didn't want to go. And today all three walked right through the playroom door without a look back. Luke and Jax walked right over to a table with paper and crayons and about 10 seconds later Wyatt looked over like he just realized he didn't say good bye. I blew a kiss to him then we walked out feeling so much better about leaving.

Tonight we went to the Town Square Las Vegas grand opening. There was a Santa parade with reindeer pulling his sleigh and frosty the snow man. A man on stilts and a few guys doing balloon tricks and other neat things were walking around for plenty of eye candy. Jaxon was terrified of the stilt man and Frosty. Terrified. I couldn't hold him close enough and his little body shook when Frosty walked by.

During the hour and half we waited to eat at Claim Jumpers, we walked around. The boys saw a huge Christmas tree, listened to live music, played all over the neat play ground area and ran through the little maze they have set up with fake bushes. They stayed fairly close and held hands when we crossed the streets. For the last ten minutes before our buzzer went off, we stood outside of the restaurant watching the boys keep themselves occupied by ringing the little jingle bells that were being handed out in preparation for Santa's arrival.

When we went inside to eat, we were a bit apprehensive about being seated in a booth. The boys moved around lots in the beginning, but quickly settled down and behaved quite nicely. They really amazed Don and I with how well they stick together when we walk (we haven't had to use a stroller or choo-choo except for store visits, and sometimes not even then!) and for a table of two year olds, their manners are really great (for the most part).

On our way home Don and I were talking about how great the boys are and how blessed we are to have such good kids. Wyatt and Jaxon know the full alphabet - Lucas is working on it his way. Wyatt knows it in sign language, fully. All three know their colors, most of the time. Wyatt and Jaxon know to count to 10 and sometimes even up to 20. Even though they were late talkers, their vocabulary is exploding. Lucas amazes us with what he learns and can repeat so clearly. All three of them just soak in information and really understand what is happening around them. When given a choice between behaving or going to time out (for only about 20 seconds!) 99% of the time they choose to behave (thank goodness!).

I know there will be many times in our future where things are not as simple. But for now, the boys are better than we could have hoped for and bring us huge amounts of joy with their affection and senses of humor. We are extremely proud of the little people they are becoming. We love you, boys!

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loren said...

I love the sleigh - so cool! We tried to get pics of the girls this last weekend and they cried again. No amount of prepping seems to be working. "Santa is so nice, like Grandpa..."

I love the holidays!