Monday, August 20, 2012

2nd Grade!

 You boys are 7 years old and just adorable. You are all missing teeth here and there, and have hilarious senses of humor -although we are working on cleaning that humor up. haha!

  This year school starts on a Monday, so we have the whole week to adjust. All three of you are in separate classes again, and all your teachers are new to ME, so I am nervous, but feel good about it all. Wyatt has Franki down the street in his class again, Jaxon has the new girl Gracie that just moved in on our street as well, and Lucas has Maile in his class. You each are excited about today (thankfully) and we had a nice chill morning, no rushing or freaking out of any sort -although Jax had a last minute change of clothes due to his insistence on wearing socks.

Each of you seemed really confident this morning as we walked up to the playground. You were ready to drop your backpacks on the asphalt and run to play. You were not concerned in the least bit, just excited to catch up to your friends.

  On one hand, I miss my little guys, but on the other I am so happy you have this confidence and no worries about what the day or school year will bring.