Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holy cow, 2012 already?

Well, I have not updated in a LONG time. So much has happened- but somehow we still muddle through the same ole thing day after day. First off, let me tell you that you guys are awesome. I love you little monkeys more now than ever. You make your dad and I laugh so much and we just truly love spending time with you. Being parents of 6 years olds has been my favorite so far. You are hilarious with your own thoughts and jokes, and you still like to come cuddle with us on the couch or wrestle with us on the floor. You steal our cell phones and love to play your little 3DS systems you got for Christmas and the Wii too. You are still so into super heroes, but Mario brothers and Angry Birds are coming in quickly behind. You think it is hilarious when your dad and I kiss, but the affection is contagious and we have had a few talks regarding you boys being too young to kiss girls or have girl friends. So for now you just try to run up and pull us apart if you think we are going to kiss :) Oh we love you guys so much. Even during the trying times which seems like every night at bed time (even right this moment you were put to bed 30 minutes ago and each of you are still up coming out for water or whatever reason you are procrastinating with. OR when you are arguing or being rotten to each other only 2 minutes after coming home from school. Hopefully I can get this blog updated with some of our day to day life and what has been going on because LOTS has been going on. xoxo