Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!

Surrounded by the boys friends they have known since they were a tiny 10 months old, and by new friends they have made in school this year, the boys celebrated turning SIX this past weekend.

A campfire celebration is what we called this party, and it didn't start until 6pm. We promised hot dogs, cake and s'mores for food, and I think everyone ate until they couldn't fit anymore food in.

The kids all started out eating Don's grilled dogs and playing on the grass area.

Then we had a big water balloon fight. Don filled over 200 water balloons, and put them in for separate buckets for "stations". The kids all picked a station and went to it!

The energy level was crazy, so much laughing, running and excitement!

After the water balloons were finished and picked up, it was time for CAKE!

And then... S'mores!

As the sun went down, we realized we had some night time toys to pass out. Glow in the dark bracelets were passed out and fashioned into necklaces and even tried as a hula hoop at one point.

One of our guess were getting ready to leave and we remembered to pass out our parting gifts -lighted helicopters. They were so much fun to play with, it kept the party going at least another 45 minutes.

Finally the party was down to Andi and Jens girls, Michele and Gregs kiddos, and the boys. While their parents helped us tear down and pack up, the kids just played and played. I have no idea where they get this energy from -it was well past 9 and they were still going full speed. It had been probably since February since all 10 kids have been together, but they are like their own little set of Las Vegas cousins and didn't miss a beat.

On the drive home I was just filled with such a feeling of being abundantly blessed with so many great friends -old and new- and so glad our boys could be surrounded with so much friendship while celebrating their birthday.

****Things to remember****
This is the first year we had school friends. Each boy was able to invite two friends.

The only child that was not able to attend was due to religious reasons. Other than that, every single other person that we invited, came.

The boys friend from school, Maile, is a sweet and smiley, but silent girl. She talked at the party and the boys have since professed to me that the favorite part of their party was that Maile talked! :)

Jaxon has his first "girl friend". All kinder year through they have been little best buds and when she got the birthday invite, her mom reported Madison as saying, "wild horses couldn't keep her away".