Thursday, June 29, 2006

Short and Sweet

Yesterday we brought the kids in to the Dr again. It was a follow up to 2 separate Dr appointments before we left for vacation (Jaxon and Wyatt), but AFTER their 12 month shots. And Luke needed to be seen also, for his constant coughing lately. Read this carefully. 8 Dr appointments in 1 month. That's at $20 an appointment. OUCH fortunately, we feel we have good insurance and know for some people it costs more per appointment. But it still hurts.
Anyhow, the kids are doing better, Wyatt and Jax only have a bit of fluid left in their ears (deemed normal by the Dr for after such an infection) and Luke is joining Wyatt in the Singulair category. Both Luke and Wyatt have been wheezing and coughing a bit after playing chase and it has been a concern for a week or so now. Wyatt is back on Pulmicort, so hopefully all will be better soon. Otherwise they are healthy boys, all over 20lbs now, so we are going to do the car seat switch this weekend.
We went to dinner at moms last night and afterwards stopped by a house on Don's route. This wonderful woman knitted the boys 3 full size blankets! Like full size bed full size!! It is amazing the generosity of peoples hearts! We stayed there about a half hour and the boys were getting into everything at first, crawling in all directions, but after a bit, they settled down around the coffee table. Luke on the other hand was walking all over the place. And I mean he was taking 15-20 steps from here to there! So, he does it sporadically, and only when he wants to...But I think it is safe to say Luke is walking now. Yay Lukey!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More New York Pics

No fancy slide show this time....take your time to appreciate the family moments :)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rub a Dub Dub

Rub a dub dub...3 Grubbs in a tub

After the beach, we bathed the boys in this little pool out on the front porch. We didn't realize what Luke was up to until we looked back at the pictures. See for yourself.......

Day at the Beach

Here are some pictures from this past Friday. Mike was out of school and spent the night with us at the cottage, so we figured the baby ratio was good to take a chance at the lake. No one went swimming, but we did dip in our toes and the boys really enjoyed playing in the sand this time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Days Slideshow

These pictures are from the first part of our trip. 37 pictures!! Lots of pictures of the Hauck side! Gram and Grandpa Hauck came over with Aunt Geneva and Aunt Shirley (2 of Grandpas 8 sisters!!!) I have always though he is such a gentle, kind and easy going man. Now that I have found out he has 8 sisters and was the only boy, I can see he had lots of love growing up!

I wish I would've gotten the camera out at the BBQ on Saturday, but things were so busy and hectic I didn't get a chance. If any of you out there got some pictures, PLEASE email me them so I can post them and also print some for the boys albums.....Many thanks!

To be home means....

As many of you that know us knows....we really want to move. Not sure where, we just know we need to get out of Las Vegas. This vacation was a huge reminder of the simpler life and made us thankful our house is already on the market. Being by the water was awesome and so was being able to just hang out with so much family. I swear we saw well over 75 people (some repeatedly) over that 9 day span. My boys were played with and loved by everyone and it meant so much to us that people took the time out of their busy lives to come visit and spend time with us.

So in the spirit of being home and confused about where we are right now, Don and I made up our list of what being back in Vegas means........

Sleep in our own comfy bed
Kids wake up later
Drive our own vehicles
Mountains everywhere
Get to see our dogs
We now know we really don't want to have a girl

No waking up to a lake view
No windows open letting in a cool breeze
Going back to work on Monday
It is waaaaay too hot
Traffic is heavy and drivers are rude
No seeing family on a daily basis
Not much to do with the kids outside (too hot)
Not much family just stops by
Perfect strangers don't just smile at you
No grass anywhere
No REAL New York food (pizza, steak subs, and wings with REAL bleu cheese !!!!)
It is 107 degrees outside!!!

Trip to the Zoo

On Monday the 19th we met my cousing Jenn, her mom Jean and Jenns two beautiful kids at the Buffalo Zoo. The boys didn't much notice the animals (monkeys, tigers, bears...), but they loved the perfect weather and the birds swquaking for food.
Here are some pics from the zoo....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We made it! All 9 suitcases, 5 carry ons, 3 carseats, 3 babies and 2 very tired (but in a good way) parents made it back safe and sound! Updates and many pictures are on the way. Man it is good to be home!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a short goodbye

Well, due to no comments, I assume NO ONE reads this blog. So adios cruel world of blog! It was fun while it lasted....

No.... We are going out of town for a bit, I expect to start blogging again in a couple weeks. Keep us on your favorite lists and we will see you then!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy Bodies

We are in the midst of putting our house up on the market. The plan is that we will list it when we go out of town so the monkeys are not making a mess in the house I will be desperately trying to keep clean. But doing all this cleaning and prep work while we are getting ready to go out town has been a tad crazy. Especially because I think it makes the kids feel a bit neglected.
Luke has figured out he has the power to climb on everything. Our legs, the couch, his get the picture. And he gets quite upset if whatever he wants to climb on does not want to be climbed upon. But if he gets to where he wants, he does the biggest cheese face, smiling so big his eyes look Chinese.
Jaxon is in a head butting phase. He head butts the crib, the gate, his toys, the carpet and his brothers heads. I have seen him look at his brother, crawl close and while on all 4, rock his body to try to head butt. And if he is not close enough, he will crawl and try again, and again, and again. He has become a wild man, high maintenance and LOUD. But he is having such a good time at it, it's not too much of a bother.
Wyatt is still recuperating from the shots. He just wants to cuddle and has a temp still lingering around 100. He will crawl to me and rest his head down on my shoulder for a few minutes, and then all the sudden he is recharged. Off he goes to play with his brothers or hit the doorbell on their little house. Ding is his new favorite game.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Killing time....

WARNING: This takes a while so Don't Click Here unless you have time on your hands!

Sick, Sick, SICK

Boys are all sick again, this time with high fevers and gross snotty noses. We took Jax to the Dr Thursday and she said that Jaxon has an ear infection, so he's now on antibiotics. Then this morning Luke and Wyatt hit the high temps of about 100+, but we think it may just be because of the MMR shots they got a little more than a week ago. It is a side effect they warned us about and hopefully should only last the weekend. BUT just in case, I made a Dr appointment for all 3 on Tuesday. I can always call and cancel a day beforehand, but there is no way a day beforehand I can call to get an appointment for all 3 back to back, so I'd rather just be prepared.
It really hasn't been all bad, just not much fun stuff to write about. But here are some pictures from them playing tonight. I know you have been waiting for an update, so we took these pictures just for sake of a blog entry. Yes, they are wearing matching outfits. They were a present from Don's grandpa for their birthday and I think they look so cute in them!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby Tricks

Jaxon does "so big"
We think he looks VERY much like his cousin Davey in this video.

Luke warming up his vocal cords for the album he has with Marhia Carey
(or is Don teaching him the dolphin language?)

We have to "train" Wyatt a bit better, his video will be on here soon...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

That's amore!

Our first try with pasta sauce...They are definitely Italian!

Luke..............I am your faaaather

When Don's twin brother came out this past month, Don had bought some much wanted toys for him and Jeremy to play with. Lightsabers! Now that the big boys are done playing, the little boys have been able to play with them. The boys get a kick out of the lightsabers, it is like moths to a flame. Here are a few pictures of them becoming students of the Jedi