Thursday, June 29, 2006

Short and Sweet

Yesterday we brought the kids in to the Dr again. It was a follow up to 2 separate Dr appointments before we left for vacation (Jaxon and Wyatt), but AFTER their 12 month shots. And Luke needed to be seen also, for his constant coughing lately. Read this carefully. 8 Dr appointments in 1 month. That's at $20 an appointment. OUCH fortunately, we feel we have good insurance and know for some people it costs more per appointment. But it still hurts.
Anyhow, the kids are doing better, Wyatt and Jax only have a bit of fluid left in their ears (deemed normal by the Dr for after such an infection) and Luke is joining Wyatt in the Singulair category. Both Luke and Wyatt have been wheezing and coughing a bit after playing chase and it has been a concern for a week or so now. Wyatt is back on Pulmicort, so hopefully all will be better soon. Otherwise they are healthy boys, all over 20lbs now, so we are going to do the car seat switch this weekend.
We went to dinner at moms last night and afterwards stopped by a house on Don's route. This wonderful woman knitted the boys 3 full size blankets! Like full size bed full size!! It is amazing the generosity of peoples hearts! We stayed there about a half hour and the boys were getting into everything at first, crawling in all directions, but after a bit, they settled down around the coffee table. Luke on the other hand was walking all over the place. And I mean he was taking 15-20 steps from here to there! So, he does it sporadically, and only when he wants to...But I think it is safe to say Luke is walking now. Yay Lukey!


Michele S said...


So glad to see you guys made it home! I LOVE the pictures. So how did they do on the plane? Did you take the Runabout on the plane?

And WHY don't you want a girl????? Laura, you NEED a girl!

I hear you on the hot, miserable weather. It sucks, doesn't it? The kids are cooped up and driving me mad. I can't believe we have three more months of this. We want to move too but we don't know where!


Wendi said...

Hi Laura,

Glad you guys are back safely too! Hope you had as much fun as we did on vacation. One of my guys, Tristan is perpetually on Singulair and Pulmicort too. Congrats on the walking!!!!